What is a Marquise cut?

Order jewellery of a Marquise cut

The Marquise cut first appeared in Paris in 1745 in the French monarchy. King Louis XV commissioned his court jeweler to create a diamond that resembled the smile of his beautiful mistress, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour.

Order jewellery of a Marquise cut

Perhaps this romantic story is just a beautiful fairy tale, but the cut has gained great popularity around the world over time due to its graceful and at the same time playful form. In addition, being inlaid in a ring as a solitaire, the Marquis cut has the ability to visually lengthen its wearer’s fingers. The cut has 55 facets.

Order jewellery of a Marquise cut

So it’s one of the best shapes if you are looking for a classic shape with an aristocratic look.

What is a Marquise cut

We may suggest you try being a true designer to create a jewel of your dreams in our Timeless jewellery constructor. You may choose any stone you prefer in a Marquise cut and show our jewelers what your precious piece should look like. Just add pictures or photos of what you find the best example so that we create a 3D model of your dream before creating it in metals and stones.

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