What does your jewellery tell about your personality?

There will never be a second chance to make a first impression. How true that statement is. The clothes you choose, the way you talk, the way you style your hair, and the type of jewellery you wear all come together to declare who you are.

What does jewellery say about people?

jewellery is one of the ways that people identify with others. Consider what jewellery says about the people you meet at parties and on the street.

Here are some common types:


A person who wears large jewellery such as large hoop earrings, thick necklaces, or extravagant rings is more likely to be an active, social, and fun personality. He is the one who is usually surrounded by groups of people at a party. His generous and cheerful personality attracts people to him like metal filings to a magnet.


People who wear recycled material like turquoise earrings, sea glass bracelets or seashell necklaces are nature lovers. They enjoy the air and awareness of the world around them. They tend to gravitate towards natural tones such as brown, beige, grass green and turquoise.

Classic elegance

There are people who prefer elegant and simple jewellery such as pearl earrings and necklaces. These people are often traditionalists and family oriented. They prefer to quietly get together with close friends at night in the city. They have a classic taste in furniture and clothing. Their poise and calm demeanor would make them noticeable in a crowded hall. Everything these people wear has been chosen with the utmost care and attention to detail. They are never satisfied with second place and move forward through life at full speed. What jewellery can say about you? They set goals for themselves and expect those goals to be achieved. When they buy jewellery, they are confident that it will be exactly the product they want and will not settle for less. Others often turn to them for advice and guidance.

Harmony of color

Neat, responsible and organized people usually wear jewellery in appropriate sets. They can wear a gold necklace with matching earrings. Or elegant silver bracelets that match the color of their shoes perfectly. They are welcoming hosts and great conversationalists who are often looked to for advice.


There are some people who make their mark by wearing antique jewellery. They want their jewellery to stand out and stand out from the standard. These people can often be found in antique and thrift stores looking for the perfect piece of jewellery that bears their name. They don’t care about brands. For them, what they wear is more than a statement; it is an art form.


What kind of jewellery do you wear every day? People who wear jewellery on the go, such as tennis bracelets and pendant necklaces, tend to have an active lifestyle. Their jewellery needs to fit in with their energetic and athletic lifestyle. They want to look good without giving up the things they love to do. They are also highly motivated and love jewellery engraved with inspiring sayings. And most durable, of course. The type of situation someone is in is also an important factor. For example, for an interview, a person might wear pearl studs or small hoops.

If he is wearing a necklace, the chain should be thin, without a pendant. During interviews, people want to make a more conservative impression; on the other hand, to a party with friends, such a person may wear one of their most beautiful pieces of jewellery, or perhaps something very shiny with it.

Both styles are valid and necessary in everyday life. Pay some attention to the type of jewellery you wear every day. They talk about the kind of personality you have at work or play.

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