What chain to choose?

It would seem that there is nothing easier than choosing a pendant on a chain: compared the color, made sure that the diameter of the pendant’s ear matches the parameters of a precious lace, put one on top of the other – and you’re done. But if you look at it, there are a lot of nuances in this matter. You, of course, can neglect them, but then do not be offended if, in the process of wearing jewelry tandem, you begin to reveal certain inconsistencies one after the other. The pendant may be too small or, conversely, too large for the existing chain. The almost identical shade of the precious metal of the pendant in the sun can strongly contrast with the color of the main product. The chain and pendant can be discordant with each other due to the difference in design.

Design Criteria for Choosing a Chain

Gold.ua experts recommend making a choice based on the proportional principle. The mass of the chain must correspond to the mass of the pendant. The optimal ratio is 1: 1.

A bad bend is a negative signal, even if the chain you choose is incredibly beautiful. If the thing has sunk into the soul, be sure to buy it, but wear it without a pendant. And for a pendant that is waiting in the wings at home, choose a different jewelry cord.

A wide, flat-braided chain is not an option. Not only do products of this kind have poor bending. The downside is that from an aesthetic point of view, it is extremely difficult to choose the appropriate suspension. Any pendant, regardless of size and design, looks on a wide chain with a flat and tight weave as if it were nailed to the chain: rough, inorganic, heavy.

Free movable weaves – for large pendants. If the pendant is catchy, massive, bright (from the point of view of design, not color), pay attention to loose weaves, which easily and easily bend in different directions and at the same time do not break or get tangled.

Medium thick weaves are a reliable option. For those who are looking for something reliable and at the same time original, we highly recommend taking a closer look at chains of medium thickness.

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