Wedding rings for men

Wedding rings for men

Traditionally, the groom buys the wedding rings. In fact, men tend to limit their participation in the purchase of the wedding rings to a minimum, trusting the taste of their bride to be and limiting the choice only by the budget. Well, it is likely that your fiancé is also concerned with the problem of acquiring this precious symbol of marriage, so it is the bride who needs to learn how to choose a men’s engagement ring.

Many men are convinced that a wedding ring is an uncomfortable thing on the finger. This misconception arises from the fact that most men do not wear rings at all until they get married. Some also complain that it is uncomfortable for them to wear a “complicated piece of jewellery”. In fact, it is really difficult for men to find a comfortable wedding band. Tired hands, large joints – all this causes some discomfort. Choose models with a comfortable fit, when the inside of the shank is slightly rounded and perhaps the groom will change his mind.

Pay attention to these when choosing a wedding ring for man

Rings for men will be comfortable if you choose them correctly. Pay attention to two factors: the shape of the ring and the width of the ring.

First of all, give preference to the design in which the edges of the ring are gently rounded, you should not stop your choice on those rings that have sharp angular edges. This is not to say that flat, wide rings cannot be comfortable. A wide flat ring is considered to be well executed if the inner edges of the ring are rounded.

Next, look at the inside of the ring, its curve and edge lines. The inner side of the ring should have smooth, rounded edge lines. Having such soft lines will give you the feeling that the ring sits more comfortably on your finger.

Another design option with gently rounded ring edges is that the bending of the wedding ring is not entirely due to the inner surface of the ring.

Wedding rings for men

One of the most popular types of wedding rings for men is just rings with a soft bend on the inner side of the ring. The comfortable bend of the ring refers to the inside of the ring, not the outside. Therefore, it is possible to have a ring with a comfortable, smooth bend of the inner surface of the ring, while its outer part can be absolutely flat. Such rings are more voluminous, convex on the inside than on the outside.

When it comes to choosing the width of the ring, here you need to pay attention to such selection factors as the size and length of your fingers and of course, your personal preferences. Very often men with larger hands and longer fingers choose rings with an average width or slightly wider. Men with small hands and short fingers usually choose rings 5 ​​mm wide or slightly narrower.

You can always contact our jewelers, we will be happy to help you choose the best option for a men’s wedding ring.
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