Wedding ring with emerald

Wedding ring with emerald

Emeralds are appropriate for many occasions, they are also suitable for young brides and wedding ring with emerald is one of the most beautiful examples. Rings decorated with this stone are often chosen for engagement. The design in most cases is classic – a medium-sized emerald on a thin yellow gold rim. But various variations are also possible, such as a combination of precious metals, inlay.

This stone is one of the most beautiful and popular stones, often surpassing even diamonds. Consequently, their cost is quite high, often at the level of diamonds and rubies. In some countries, this stone is equated to a convertible currency. Therefore, jewellery with emeralds is a good investment, and not only beautiful, stylish and prestigious.

Features and benefits of emeralds

The mineral, also known as “green ice”, has a herbaceous hue, which indicates the presence of chromium oxide in the structure of the stone. In nature, emeralds are almost never found in perfect condition, and therefore such specimens are very valuable. What makes wedding ring with emerald more unique.

Among the advantages of the mineral, it is worth noting its excellent resistance to various reagents, including acids. Only an ambient temperature exceeding 700 ° C can adversely affect the stone, at which the stone simply loses its amazing color.

There are deposits of emeralds all over the world, but the richest deposits are in Colombia, Russia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, France, India, Argentina and the USA. Each specific place is characterized by its own specific inclusions, by which the origin of the mineral can be determined with high accuracy.

It takes a lot of effort, time and money to find quality copies. Many samples are turbid, with significant surface defects. Such emeralds are not used in jewellery.

The most popular deposit is located in Colombia. Local stones contain extremely small crystals of fluorite (calcite) with liquid, solid or gas inclusions. Colombian emeralds are of the highest quality, have a minimum of defects, differ in color saturation, and therefore gain leadership in the world market.

The deposits in the Urals contain a high level of chromium and iron, which is why the stones have a rich green hue. Ural samples are practically not processed, that is, their natural beauty is preserved to the maximum.

The darkest shades of the stone can be found in Zimbabwe, the deep dark color is provided by the presence of tremolite in the stone. Emeralds with a gray and brown tint are found in Brazil (the gems are painted with vanadium), and with blue in Zambia (it’s all the fault of the blotches of iron).

Wedding ring with emerald

“Magical” powers of emerald in wedding rings

Emerald was called “the stone of the goddess Isis” in ancient Egypt. People believed that great power was hidden in the stone. It effectively treats insect, scorpion and snake bites.

Representatives of magic sincerely believe in its sacred properties for a wedding ring. The stone has a powerful energy, it helps to rid its owner of internal negativity, to cleanse, become better, stronger, healthier.

Emerald is a wonderful talisman. It contains beryllium, a rather rare element that is associated with the secrets of the universe. The inhabitants of the ancient world considered the emerald a symbol of hope, as well as composure and wisdom. Now this gemstone symbolizes happiness and prosperity. It protects against bad habits and all kinds of vices: a tendency to deception, fraud, adultery, acts as protection against witchcraft and the negative influence of others. If you do not remove the ring from your finger, the stone will help to cope with tactlessness, impoliteness, and even help to overcome aggression.

Most often, emeralds are used as personal talismans by people who connect their lives with science, some kind of art, philosophy or clergy. In addition, they patronize the family, bring harmony and peace, and help strengthen marital ties. The stone not only attracts good luck, but also helps to get rid of the negative aura which is a great advantage over other stones. Therefore, wedding ring with emerald is one of the most interesting options, not to mention the fact that with white gold and diamonds, they are insanely beautiful..

But modern scientists also recognize the healing properties of emeralds. It is believed that it not only has a beneficial effect on the body and has a healing effect, but brings specific benefits:

  • relieves joint pain;
  • relieves migraines;
  • helps fight acidity and other stomach problems;
  • relieves insomnia;
  • helps to normalize blood pressure;
  • fights infections.

In addition, the stone is effective in psoriasis, diabetes, dysfunction of the urinary system, and has antibacterial properties.

Natural emerald colors

Despite the fact that emerald is traditionally a mesmerizing green color, in fact, the stone has many shades, on which the value of the stone largely depends. The main characteristics of color are:

  • lightness;
  • saturation;
  • shade.

The most valuable specimens are of deep dark green color. Their cost can sometimes be even higher than that of diamonds. The more saturated the shade, the higher the price.
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