VVS and VS purity. What is the difference?

The answer is simple: in the price!

This is a relevant factor for a simple buyer without a magnifying glass and experience of a gem appraiser.
Let’s start by looking at the GIA purity scale. There are 6 grades:

FL – Flawless
IF – Internally Flawless
VVS – Very, Very Small Included
VS – Very Small Included
SI – Slightly Included
I – Included

Let us dwell in more detail on grades VVS and VS. Within each of them there are two subcategories (VVS1 and VVS2, VS1 and VS2), which reflect the degree of debris in the diamond when examined face-up and magnified by 10 times.


The first advantage of VVS diamonds is its prevalence. In many jewellery stores, the best stones are of this grade, because IF or FL diamonds are not sold everywhere. The second is top-notch brilliance and radiance, as light enters these stones virtually unhindered.


The advantage of the VS variety are – the lower price and minimal differences compared to the VVS grade. The price difference can be several thousands, but the visual difference barely visable to a naked eye.

When choosing a diamond, be guided by your taste and budget.

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