VS clarity diamond: What you should know

Diamond purity VS: What you should know

A VS clarity diamond is a popular top choice because it is the most affordable stone with no noticeable inclusions. Let’s find out more precisely the value of VS purity, and compare it with other qualities of purity.

VS is the fourth from the highest on the G.I.A. – Institute for the Evaluation of Gemmology in America. “VS” is an abbreviation for the name, which means a diamond that has “Very Slightly included”.

Three diamond grades are above the VS rating: VVS (very small inclusions), IF (internally flawless) and FL (flawless). Below the VS score, there are two more grades: SI (slightly included) and I (included). These diamonds contain inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. Inclusions in a VS clarity diamond can be seen under a microscope or magnifying glass, but are more difficult to see. Sometimes inclusions become noticeable if they are close to the surface of the diamond. However, they are also very difficult to make out. The VS clarity diamonds consists of a range of sub-grades: VS1 (this is a higher level) and VS2.

Diamond purity VS: What you should know

VS1 and VS2: how to classify them?

There are flaws in VS1 stones that are difficult to see even under a microscope. Black spots or dots will be difficult to see with the naked eye. Diamonds in the VS2 clarity range contain inclusions that are easily visible under magnification, but are virtually invisible to the naked eye. The difference between VS1 and VS2 diamonds is very subtle and you probably won’t be able to establish it when wearing diamond jewellery.

What are the advantages of VS clarity over I and SI purity?

Compared to SI clarity, VS clarity diamonds contain defects that are not noticeable when enlarged. Diamonds rated as SI1 clarity do not show imperfections without magnification and differ from VS in that their flaws only become visible when magnified. Whereas the difference between SI2 and VS clarity is that an SI2 clarity diamond has flaws that are visible without a loupe. However, these inclusions are not readily visible and only become visible when viewed from the side. Diamonds with a clarity of I will have noticeable inclusions that are not magnified even when viewed from the top of the stone, whereas VS diamonds have no imperfections visible without a loupe.

Highest grade of purity

Difference VS with higher purity can only be detected by magnification. VVS diamonds do not have inclusions that can be detected without a microscope, and in IF and FL stones you will not find inclusions visible at 10x magnification. What they have in common is the lack of the ability to detect inclusions with the naked eye.

When to choose VVS diamonds?

VVS is one of the best diamonds in terms of clarity available for purchase if there is no desire to overpay for flawless or internally flawless diamonds. The clarity of VVS in diamonds means that these stones have too few visible inclusions that are difficult for an experienced gemologist to detect under a microscope. The VVS purity range includes two items: VVS1 (higher) and VVS2. These categories of stones may differ in definition and designation, but in reality, it is difficult for an ordinary consumer, not being an expert in the field, to identify them, even if the means for inspection are available.

The quality of FL and IF clarity diamonds is very rare and therefore expensive. And many rough diamond suppliers supply VVS stones and do not sell higher grade diamonds. VVS diamonds shine and shine well as they contain a minimum of imperfections. As a result, nothing prevents the light from entering. If you’re out of the budget for a flawless diamond, don’t worry, VVS clarity is the best choice for a replacement. It is difficult for someone to tell the difference between VVS and FL stones, at least without a special tool and experience in assessing.

What is the difference

The only way to tell the difference between these diamonds is to place them side by side (put stones VVS, FL and IF). Only then can you notice a slight difference, but not always. But when you wear your VVS clarity diamond, no one will be able to tell it apart from purer stones. And finally, when choosing between VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds, it should be understood that the difference between them is in several small points or disseminations. And, if you don’t see much of a difference, buy a more affordable stone, or сompare the purity of VVS and VS diamonds.
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