Types of stone shapes and cuts

Types of stone shapes and cuts

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There are around 250 types of cuts, most popular of them we listed for you previously. They not only depend on the taste preferences of the jewelers, but also on the physical and optical characteristics of the stone. During the cutting process, it is important to preserve the mass of the stone and its natural values. Stone cut types can be divided into three large groups: smooth, faceted and mixed.

Types of stone shapes and cuts

Smooth stone cut

Although formally referred to as a cut, it is essentially a polishing. The stone processed in this way has no edges, only a polished surface.

Faceted stone cut

The most diverse type of cut is faceted. As the name suggests, this treatment creates many facets on the surface of the stone. A faceted cut is used when working with transparent stones: it brings out their shine, enhances color and emphasizes light effects.

Mixed stone cut

Mixed cut combines smooth and faceted, wedge and stepped cuts in different combinations. It could be that one side of the stone has edges, but on the other remains smooth – flat or rounded. Sometimes the cut is mixed on the same half of the stone. When processing, the optical properties of stones of different colors are taken into account: cutting parameters such as the height of the pavilion depend on this.

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