Two-tone stones: two worlds in one piece

They seem too weird to be real. However, stones of more than one color are a reality and a true geological fortune. And also a great success for jewellery designers – after all, the “double personality” of a gem adds drama and additional meaning to the jewellery they create. This means that it helps their customers find unique jewellery that resonates with their own multi-layered inner world.

Nature did everything herself. Amethyst and citrine merged together (hence the name “ametrine”) in their common parent quartz rock, which was formed in the bowels of the earth under the influence of different temperatures. So the stone got two different colors. There was a bright meeting of two colors typical for ametrine – orange and violet. Since these minerals are often found to be quite large in size, usually between 10 and 30 carats, they are an excellent material for the so-called “statement” jewellery in the West – catchy and eye-catching unusual designs.

While truly exceptional gemstones will always feature superior clarity and uniformity of color, eccentric two-tone stones will captivate with their fantastic-ness, recalling the mysterious origins of our jewelry, which originated our planet.

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