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Men have worn rings for several millennia – not only as jewellery, but also as amulets, talismans, signs of belonging to a group, caches for poison, symbols of power. At different times, there were versions of what the rings on a man’s hands mean – some meanings are still relevant.

What rings do men wear?

The range of men’s rings is not limited to engagement and seals. Men can wear special rings as a sign of graduation, achievement of a certain position or membership in a sports society. There are religious rings – Orthodox men wear jewellery with the words “Save and Preserve”, Muslims usually wear the Aqeeq ring. There are male jewellery – symbols of the family family – these are often distinguished by engraving with initials or a coat of arms.

The meaning of the rings on men fingers

Thumb. Previously, a ring on a man’s thumb was considered a symbol of power – this was the manner of wearing jewellery that sultans, kings and other rulers had. Today, by the ring on the thumb, you can recognize a strong-willed, emotional, energetic person. Such people know what they want from life and know how to achieve it. Psychologists say that guys who are looking for female attention subconsciously strive to wear a ring on their thumb – they emphasize their sexual power with jewellery. In ancient Rome, the thumb was considered a phallic symbol, and the ring on it can be regarded as a desire for self-affirmation in the sexual sphere.

Forefinger. Famous generals and great rulers loved to wear the decoration on the index finger, and today you can recognize a natural-born leader, leader, a man of power by such a ring. The choice of the index finger for the ring can be explained in terms of comfort – it is convenient to wear the jewellery here, it does not interfere with everyday activities and emphasizes the masculine proportions of the hand. Among the famous rulers who loved to decorate their index fingers are Henry VIII, Julius Caesar, Ivan the Terrible. Astrologers and palmists even recommend that shy and insecure people wear jewellery on their index fingers in order to activate the necessary qualities – courage, perseverance, determination.

Middle finger. It is customary to wear rings on this finger, which belong to heirlooms. Such rings are passed down from generation to generation, they are worn on the middle finger, because it is associated with a person’s personality. Putting the family ring on the middle finger, the man demonstrates his belonging to the family. Psychologists advise paying attention to the design of the ring on the middle finger. If this is a large ring with a large stone, then the man is prone to narcissism and may be selfish. A neat ring with a laconic design says that this is a courageous, emotionally balanced, self-confident man.

Ring finger. Traditionally, jewellery on this finger symbolizes marital status. It is not customary for men to wear engagement rings, but many people wear wedding rings, depending on religion and place of residence, on the left or right ring finger. Engagement rings are usually easy to recognize – more often they are simple smooth rings without inserts, sometimes – with engraving, patterns, small stones. It’s easy to make a mistake with a ring on your ring finger – it’s easy to mistake a simple ring for an engagement, or vice versa. For example, a luxurious gold ring with a large stone may turn out to be a wedding decoration, and a thin silver rim on the left hand is not an engagement ring at all, but a sign of belonging to homosexuals. If in doubt and the answer is important to you, it is better to ask directly.

Little finger. Rings on the little fingers are loved by gamblers and adventurers – in the worst case, it can be an avid poker player, a lover of slot machines, a fraudster, a marriage swindler. At best, an entertainer who knows how to have fun and can captivate a whole company. Pinky ring owners are charismatic, self-confident men with a great sense of style. They easily make acquaintances, they can be good friends, but in business and love relationships with them, you should be on the lookout – the personalities are windy, changeable, capable of deception.

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