The most important thing about engraving engagement rings

Engraving on wedding rings has ceased to be a controversial point, as well as a trend or a tribute to fashion. The thing is that the newlyweds have changed their approach to wedding preparations and the celebration itself: everyone wants the wedding to be “not like everyone else’s” and to reflect the individuality of the couple. With engraving on the rings, the question does not even arise: “Should I do it or not?” Of course should! After all, the newlyweds want to make this piece of jewellery more personal and romantic. And as we said before, engraving is the best way to personalise your jewellery. But it is necessary to approach the engraving process with due responsibility and in advance. What points should be paid special attention to below.

Choosing a phrase for engraving

The most thrilling moment in engraving is choosing the right phrase to apply. Some newlyweds know what they want to see on their rings after many years, while for others this process can take a long time. But there are traditional options for the text to be applied to wedding rings:

■ the wife’s name on the husband’s ring and his name on the wife’s ring;

■ the initials of the newlyweds;

■ engraving on wedding rings in Latin – a phrase with which an acquaintance began, or a serious relationship began;

■ wedding date;

■ date of acquaintance, beginning of relationship or first kiss;

■ affectionate nicknames that only newlyweds themselves know about;

■ infinity sign;

■ crossed hearts;

■ engraving text on wedding rings can be in the form of a declaration of love in one or more languages.

Types of engraving

■ laser – the top layer of metal is burned out on the ring, the inscription is darker than the base;

■ diamond – the lines are engraved with a sharp edge of a diamond, they are embossed and lighter than the metal itself;

■ manual – a craftsman engraves an inscription or drawing by hand;

■ grating – a kind of manual engraving, the master works with a special cutter (graver);

■ photo-engraving – embossing of inscriptions and drawings is done with a special shock printer.

The most popular is laser engraving on wedding rings – it allows you to accurately apply any lines to the metal, looks professional and is inexpensive. The process takes a little time, while the likelihood of scrap is practically excluded, since the given image is programmed through a computer, and there is no physical effect on the material.

Top 5 tips for engraving

■ you need to give the order to the master in advance, having previously learned about the quality of his work from the reviews of friends or acquaintances

■ the phrase should not be too long, no more than 20 characters fit neatly on the ring

■ if the phrase is long, it can be translated into another language or written in several lines, then the ring should be wide, check the types of men’s wedding rings we suggest

■ do not use florid fonts, they will look illegible, especially if the phrase is long

■ if desired, you can split one phrase into two rings, or order transformer rings and split the phase between them two.

Engraving on wedding rings is a sacrament that will help newlyweds carry through their entire lives the feelings with which they created their family.
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