The magic of the ruby. Jewelry for men and women

The magic of the ruby. Jewelry for men and women

Let’s talk about a mineral that is second only to diamond in brilliance and hardness, about a stone, which is often valued above diamonds. His name is ruby! Lal, carbuncle, anthrax, sardis, yahont are not spells, but other names for a red gem.

Rubies are on the towers of the Kremlin, the cap of Monomakh and in the tiara of Elizabeth II. Handmade jewelry, along with individual red stones, adorn the private collections of eminent collectors and rulers of states, and are kept in museums in Los Angeles and Myanmar.

Ancient history

For 2000 years, mankind has been mining rubies and highly appreciates their qualities. In Europe, red corundum has been considered a symbol of strength, beauty, devotion, dignity and courage since time immemorial. In the East, he personified love, health, strength and vitality. In India, the ruby ​​was the stone of the Sun.

Red yagont was revered in many cultures and endowed with a number of medicinal properties:

  • Stops bleeding
  • Heals diseases and normalizes the functioning of internal organs
  • Prevents chronic diseases of the nasopharynx
  • Neutralizes the depressive state, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps with insomnia and nightmares
  • Protects against epileptic seizures
  • Strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolism and has healing properties

To this day, the magic of the ruby ​​attracts people to itself. The stone is capable of:

  • Attract happiness to the owner and strengthen the bond of love
  • Warn about danger by changing its color
  • Bring calm to your owner and help resolve disputes
  • Awakens mercy and humanism, courage and new abilities

Ruby jewelry is suitable for both men and women. And here’s why: the power of the stone helps to believe in yourself and your undertakings, reveals the best qualities of a person. As a gift, the red gem is a symbol of friendship.

Tempered in the blood of dragons, this gemstone embodies the Yang (active masculine) principle, making it ideal for masculine jewelry. For a man, the ruby ​​will become a symbol of power, courage and superiority. As believed in the East, yachont bestows upon its owner “the power of the Lion, the fearlessness of the Eagle and the wisdom of the Serpent.”

For women, handmade jewelry with red opal will become powerful talismans to attract male attention and protect against evil spirits. Ruby is able to strengthen existing relationships or help in the search for new ones.
In ancient times, the red carbuncle symbolized passion, and its pink variety – tender love. In the old days, the ruby ​​was the perfect wedding gift for newlyweds.

The magic of the ruby. Jewelry for men and women

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