Sultanite – a mineral that changes color

Sultanite - a mineral that changes color

Sultanite has recently become a sought-after mineral, and many recognized designers use this stone to create jewellery. Pieces with this stone is often chosen by famous actresses and models.

The sultanite was loved by the public because of its ability to change color depending on the lighting. The shade of the stone can vary from yellowish green to pink. There are stones with a “cat’s eye” effect.

The popularity of the stone led to the use of its imitations in the manufacture of jewellery. Some Internet resources claim that artificial stone is no different from natural. But in most cases, examination shows that this is glass, which contains rare earth elements. Their presence is associated with the effect of changing the color of the stone under various light sources. Such imitations are more often referred to as “alexitis”.

Real sultanite is a kind of diaspora mineral. Variations in the color of the stone are due to the impurities that are included in its composition. This can be chromium, manganese, iron, etc. Initially, the mineral was found in the Urals in Russia, but nowadays natural sultanite is mined mainly in the south-west of Turkey.

When choosing jewellery, it should be remembered that large natural sultanites are rare and expensive gems. If a product with sultanite is offered to buy for $ 100 or $ 200, most likely it is an artificial insert – glass with rare earth elements.

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