Setting stones – is our part of job

Setting stones is a part of jeweler

Setting stones in jewelry is one of the main tasks of a jeweler. Professionals have specific skills and have all the necessary equipment to work correctly and accurately with stones.

Trying to insert the stone into the ring yourself is a waste of time. Besides the fact that you are unlikely to be able to properly secure it, you run the risk of irreparably spoiling the jewelry. However, one should not be upset if stones fall out of the jewelry, our specialists will easily solve the problem.

In certain situations, for example, when it is necessary to insert a diamond into a ring of pretentious work, it may take up to 3 days for a quality repair. The damsel will have to do without her beloved trinket longer, whose stone fell out of the earring and was lost. Undoubtedly, the problem will be solved: after careful measurements and agreement with the client of the results, we will order a suitable pebble from a reliable supplier, but delivery may take 10-14 days.

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