Revolver rings – dangerous toys of the 19th century

Ring-shaped revolvers are usually associated with spy films. But such rings were actually in vogue in European countries in the years 1860-1870. True, at that time, revolver rings were not intended at all for secret agents and not for men at all. They were designed for the self-defense of women.

The most famous of these rings is the Femme Fatale, produced in Britain. This is a massive signet ring equipped with a drum with 5-7 chambers, which simultaneously plays the role of barrels. The trigger was attached to the side of the drum. Such small revolvers were loaded with Lefoshe hairpin cartridges.

In addition to British firms, the Belgians and the French were also engaged in the production of piston rings.

There were other famous models besides the aforementioned Femme Fatale. These are the Le Petit Gardien (Little Guardian) and Le Petit Protecteur (Little Protector) ring pistols.

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