Purple gemstones

Purple gemstones are rare in nature and are highly prized for their beauty and charming hues

Purple gemstones are rare in nature and are highly prized for their beauty and charming hues. The color purple combines the balance of blue and the energy of red, this color is considered one of the most controversial and mysterious. Let’s take a closer look at the types and features of purple gems that are used in jewellery.

What are the names of purple stones that are used in jewellery


Sapphire with a lilac-purple hue is considered one of the most expensive types of stone. The mineral is completely transparent, but there are valuable opaque specimens – such stones exhibit the phenomenon of asterism, and they usually end up in private collections. Transparent sapphire with a violet tint is used in gold and platinum jewellery. Sapphire is associated with compassion, kindness, decency. Sapphire jewellery is recommended to be worn by children, as such an amulet will help them grow up as decent people. Litho Therapists advise purple sapphires to hot-tempered people; these crystals will help fight aggressiveness and outbursts of anger.


Externally, tanzanite is similar to purple sapphire, but its properties are different. The mineral has a lilac or dark purple color, some types of stone have an alexandrite effect – under artificial light they have a purple color, and under daylight – blue. Tanzanite is credited with powerful magical and healing properties. He gives inspiration, helps to solve difficult life problems, promotes career growth and gains professional experience. Litho Therapists claim that the stone can help with back pain, skin diseases, and increased eye pressure.


This mineral is a species of chrysoberyl with strong pleochroism. Crystals change color depending on the lighting – under artificial light they are violet, purple or pink-crimson shades, and under daylight – blue-green, grass-green, bluish-green colors. It is believed that alexandrite has a beneficial effect on the state of blood vessels, normalizes sleep and improves mental activity, has a positive effect on creativity, and can attract good luck. jewellery with alexandrite is recommended to be worn during periods of strong psycho-emotional stress, with insomnia.


There are several varieties of spinel, and purple spinel is highly valued – it is actively used in jewellery, the price of 1 carat of a crystal can reach $ 300–400. Spinels are encrusted with jewellery, usually elite jewellery made of platinum or expensive grades of gold. The stone is able to improve vision, help in the fight against infectious diseases, and relieve inflammation. Spinel brings good luck to its owner, attracts favorable chances to life.


This semi-precious stone is the most famous variety of purple quartz. Specimens of different shades of violet are obtained – from the palest to very dark, crystals can be transparent or translucent. Jewelers insert faceted amethysts into jewellery, and small, rough crystals are used to make beads and bracelets. Amethyst looks especially beautiful in silver frames, and gold jewellery is also made with it. Amethyst personifies purity of thoughts, spirituality and high moral values. jewellery with amethyst is recommended for everyone who wants to achieve harmony with the world and themselves, as well as those who want to get rid of bad habits.


Purple topaz belongs to semi-precious stones, it is characterized by perfect transparency and strong glassy luster. Most of the purple topaz is mined in Brazil. The color of the mineral is unsaturated, very delicate – it can rather be called lilac. jewellery with such topaz should be protected from direct sunlight, as this may cause the mineral to fade. Litho Therapists recommend jewellery with purple topaz to those who suffer from anemia, depression, or stress. The stone can help with malfunctions of the nervous system, diseases of the joints, disorders of the hormonal system. Among the magical properties of violet topaz is getting rid of negative thoughts, returning faith in yourself.


Until the beginning of the 20th century, this mineral was referred to as amethyst, and only in 1902 its structure was thoroughly investigated and it was revealed that the stone belongs to spodumene. Most natural kunzite is unsuitable for jewellery processing, as it is a poor quality opaque crystal. Only a small percentage of the stones end up in the jewellery industry. Kunzite favors creative people, helps to realize talents, reflects envy and other negativity. The stone helps to concentrate, think soberly under stress, relieves insomnia, and has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.

Properties of purple stones

  • Provide additional energy. A correctly selected talisman with a purple mineral will literally “charge” its owner with energy. Such jewellery can be worn all the time or used as an emergency aid during periods of depression and loss of energy.
  • They have a positive effect on the nervous system. Violet-toned minerals have soothing properties that help to achieve emotional balance. jewellery with purple stones is recommended for those who are prone to pessimism, depression, and melancholy.
  • Reduces aggressiveness. Crystals give peace and tranquility, soften the harshness, are recommended for hot-tempered people.
  • Have a positive effect on creativity. Stones-talismans will inspire their owner, help to realize the most daring creative ideas, strengthen intuition.
  • They protect, help make the right decisions. Such stones should be carried with them by people whose work involves risks and great responsibility.

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