Pros and cons of triangle-cut diamonds

Pros and cons of triangle-cut diamonds

Triangle-cut diamond (also called “trilliant”) is a triangular stone (often with rounded sides) that was first created in the Netherlands.

They are not as popular as round diamonds, but they are beautiful in their own way. If you are considering diamond shapes that deviate slightly from the classic round standard, you should look at this cut. Typically, such diamonds are used as an accent around the center diamond in a piece of jewellery, but they can also be set as the main stone.

In case you are interested in this diamond shape, here are some facts about it that you might find helpful:

Triangle-cut diamond looks larger

Compared to a standard round cut, a trillion of the same carat will usually look larger. The reason for this is that the cut of triangular diamonds is small, but at the same time, they are wide.

So if the size of your diamond is important to you, you should consider a triangle cut. However, keep in mind that if your diamond is shallow, it will look large, but it may also have less sparkle as it will not have enough depth to reflect light.

Vulnerable to chips

You should be aware that due to their triangular shape, Trillians are prone to chipping at the pointed ends. Be especially careful if you have to handle such a loose diamond. However, if it fits properly into the mount, this potential issue shouldn’t bother you.

Pros and cons of triangle-cut diamonds

The triangle-cut is more difficult to set

Because of its shape, the “triangle” is more difficult to fit into a frame than other, more standard shapes. Since such a stone is so easy to break, the person installing it must be very careful. Because of their sharp edges, trilliant cut diamonds must be placed in a protective frame specially designed for them.

Pros and cons of triangle-cut diamonds

Additional cleaning required for triangle-cut

If you have a triangle-cut diamond, make sure you clean it regularly. This is true for all stones, but trillions should be cleared more often. Because these cuts are shallow, they have less depth to refract and reflect light compared to deeper cuts (like round cuts). Check the cleanings options our jewelers suggest.

As a result, their radiance will be more easily obscured by even the smallest dust. To keep your diamond from losing its luster, clean it frequently to enjoy its shine.

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