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The pin is part of our collection pieces

The pin bracelet is part of our collection pieces. Accessories with philosophy are a good addition not only for creating a harmonious style, but also for your own philosophy of life. Do you, when choosing jewellery, pay attention exclusively to beauty and design, or does symbolism play a role too?

The pin has long been worn as a talisman, it protects a person from troubles and misfortunes. This pin bracelet collection is a symbol for those who want to protect themselves from negative energetic interference in their lives.

Often, a pin is given to children, this symbol will protect newborn baby. Sapphire pin bracelet with authenticity certificate in 14K white gold with natural sapphire 10 stones 0.85ct. It is available for order on our Collection page.

This piece is from our DVM Collection and can be ordered in silver, platinum, yellow or rose gold as well as with any color gemstones or diamonds

The design may be changed or customized by you, you may even ask us to design another piece of jewellery, as some of our clients did! We present you several performances of this touchy elegant element, which you may find in our catalogue.

The pin is part of our collection pieces

This is a special order just in gold without gemstones, just 14K yellow gold.

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The pin just in gold without gemstones

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