Pendant – what is it?

What is a pendant

A pendant is an adornment made of precious stone and metal, which is worn exclusively around the neck – on a chain or cord. It is not customary to combine them with additional decor; pendants are worn as a solo decoration. It must have a loop for attaching to a chain (pay attention to the size of the loop – if it is small, it may not fit a chain with a large clasp). There are pendants made of inexpensive materials – wood, beads, but usually they are made of gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones.

It is a decoration that attaches to something and hangs down. It can be worn not only on a neck chain, the pendant is attached to bracelets or belts, to clothes or a bag, to mobile phones, and is attached to decorative pins. For fastening, the suspensions can have carabiners or special loops. There are pendants-beads, which are called “charms” – such beads are strung on a bracelet or jewellery cord, getting an individual “stacked” bracelet. Pendants are usually made of metals, they can be decorated with rhinestones or stones, colored enamel. Up to 5 pendants can be worn on one chain at the same time.

Gold and silver pendants are classics that will never go out of style. The pendant will be a win-win choice for a gift; this piece of jewellery can be worn every day or included in festive looks. Pendants are ideal for those who love light bows and experiments – pendants can be combined, changed, every day to choose the right one for clothes and mood.

A bit of history

Pendants were worn in ancient times, but then they were made from scrap materials, most often from the claws and teeth of animals. For the hunter, the fangs, claws and bones of a killed predator were trophies, they were worn as proof of their strength and an amulet: ancient people believed that such amulets bring good luck, relieve disease, and help in hunting.

Over time, pendants began to be used not only as an amulet, but also as a symbol of belonging to the highest rank – such ornaments were worn by leaders, rulers of states, famous people. In Ancient Egypt, pendants with their own names and portraits were worn by pharaohs and queens, emphasizing their high status.

Later, jewelers mastered the art of embedding precious stones in metal, jewellery became more and more sophisticated, the fashion for pendants spread: the rich and government officials began to wear jewellery made of precious metals and precious stones around their necks. The sailors had closed pendants – as a rule, portraits of relatives were placed inside such a product.

There is a difference between a pendant and a pendant, these are not synonymous words. A pendant is a kind of pendant, it is worn without additional elements, and it is considered predominantly a woman’s jewellery. Pendants were and are worn by both women and men – these are universal jewellery that can be combined with each other and attached several pieces at the same time to one chain.

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