Оversized earrings and other fashion jewellery

Оversized earrings and other fashion jewellery

What influences jewellery (and any other) fashion? Many would pay dearly for an exact formula. But what we have no doubt about is that the dramatic events of the past year have definitely resonated with fashion trends for jewellery in 2021.

Global brands, like barometers, are sensitive to all key processes in society. The main one is undoubtedly the pandemic. We were very scared in places, we were tired of monotony and uncertainty, we want freedom, but we cope, and our decorations help us a little.

Protection and comfort

When we are scared, we are like children, we want to hide behind something big and cozy. The comfort is really soothing, we see that the life of the last months is loose T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and hooded dresses. The most fashionable jewelry in 2021 – oversized earrings and necklaces and rings and pendants filled with symbolism and personalization, as if understanding us – it seems to us, too, is largely about “protection and comfort”.

Large link necklace

Definitely, they are the hit of the upcoming season. Unlike plastron shields, mobile and airy, modern massive necklaces with their pleasant weight seem to embrace the wearers, at the same time covering the vulnerable parts of the body like armor. There are many options: huge hollow chains, many chains twisted with a rope and twisted around the neck, scale links of various shapes. It doesn’t matter how your necklace is made, the main thing is that it is as tactile as possible and feels “alive”.

Оversized earrings and other fashion jewellery

Oversized earrings

Fashionable earrings-2021 are no longer quite earrings in the sense that we are all used to it. Modern mega large earrings are not at all shocking, and on the contrary, they are surprisingly built into the image, as part of an organic sculpture. Comfort and harmony for a “man from the future” – today and right now.

Оversized earrings and other fashion jewellery

More personal

Add something personal and even intimate to your jewellery? The engraved inscription inside the ring will remind you of the sweet moments when the couple managed to stay at home together, and the pendant converted from a great-grandmother’s earring will say – “this will pass too”.

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