Not all certifications are created equal

No business thrives under the thumb of buyers, but for a diamond lab, customer dependency is the number one danger. On the one hand, everyone needs to fulfill their monthly plans, on the other, no one wants to lose their independence. And killing those two birds with one stone is especially difficult in the diamond lab market, where your decisions have a huge impact on your clients’ profitability.

Not all certifications are created equal

From all this reasoning, the question arises: are all gem certificates the same?

Alas, the answer is no. One glance at RapNet, the only database in the industry that provides information on rough diamonds available for wholesale, is enough to see that some diamonds graded by some labs are worth less.

Why? Because companies in the industry know that these labs are not so strict when evaluating gemstones, and it is by no means always true that the rating assigned to these stones is overestimated.

That is why we only work with stones with IGL and GIA certificates, which are recognized by the whole world as the highest quality

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