Mom and daughter jewellery

If you are lucky enough to become the mother of a girl, then you will always have your best friend and fashion partner by your side. We supplement paired “bows” with suitable accessories and instill a sense of style from childhood for mother and daughter jewellery.

You are a star mom and daughter

Your family is like stepping off the cover of a magazine: an incredibly beautiful mother and an angelically sweet daughter. Wherever you go, you are always in the spotlight. Still – it is impossible not to notice such beauties! You quickly picked up the trend from celebrity moms and started dressing in the same clothes. Your family look is worthy of stylists’ Instagram. The case is small: pick up mom and daughter jewellery.

Suitable for you: jewellery that emphasizes a bright appearance. Choose for yourself a ring of an original design with cushion-cut emerald inserts, and for your daughter – a cute model decorated with a small emerald in the shape of a heart.

You are a trendy couple

In your youth, you dreamed of connecting your life with the world of fashion, and with the birth of a child, this interest did not fade away. You still closely follow the current trends, but now you are buying fashionable outfits not only for yourself.

Finally, you have a partner and like-minded person! Your adorable little daughter makes stylish doll dresses and organizes fashion shows among toys. Of course, you both already know that the main hits of the season are in striped trousers and polka-dot blouses, and brooches in jewellery.

Perfect for you: white gold accessories adorned with a scattering of sparkling blue sapphires. For you – a sparkling pin with a pearl insert, for your daughter – an elegant and delicate accessory in the shape of a feather. And if you want variety, you can exchange jewels for mom and daughter for greater look.

You are an active couple

Sun, air and water are your best friends. And also – skis, skates, badminton rackets, volleyball and, of course, roller skates and a bicycle. Your family’s motto is “movement is life” – and you try to spend every day as actively as possible.

Even if the weather is bad outside, you will always find something to do. While it is raining, table tennis is an alternative to outdoor sports, and a swimming pool is a substitute for swimming in the lake.

Will suit you: simple yet stylish jewellery. Take a closer look at the classic diamond rings. Their laconic design will match most wardrobe items, and their miniature size will not interfere with outdoor activities.

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