Men’s wedding rings

Men's wedding rings

Traditionally, the groom should buy the wedding rings. In fact, men tend to limit their participation in the purchase to a minimum, trusting the taste of the chosen one and limiting her choice only by the budget. Well, it is likely that your fiancé is also concerned with the problem of acquiring precious symbols of marriage, so it is you, the bride, who need to learn how to choose a men’s engagement ring.


Many men complain that it is uncomfortable for them to wear a “complicated piece of jewelry”. Women tend to suspect deceit in their chosen ones: they are sure that these complaints are connected with a desire to hide their marital status. In fact, it is really difficult for men to find a comfortable headband. Tired hands, large joints – all this causes some discomfort. Choose models with a comfortable fit (comfort fit), when the inside of the shank is slightly rounded, and, perhaps, the groom will change his mind.

Another reason for the inconvenience is carelessness in the selection of jewelry. Representatives of the strong half of humanity are a bit like children. Due to their reluctance to measure for a long time, they agree to the first proposed option. So make sure that your other half has tried on several models and really appreciate their convenience.


There is obvious discrimination in jewelry fashion: today there are practically no models that could be called exclusively male. Designers offer feminine and versatile designs. Of the latter, it is proposed to choose the grooms.

How is a men’s engagement ring different from a woman’s? The differences are very arbitrary, most often the following models:

greater width;

with fewer decorative elements;

without stones.

However, this listing is not at all a set of rules on how to choose a men’s wedding ring, but a list of the most common differences between rings for a bride and groom.

Men's wedding rings


Classic men’s wedding ring – smooth, without patterns and inserts, with a width of 4 to 6 mm. At the same time, the classics differ in the shape of the rim. She may be:

rounded, in the spirit of Soviet design;
direct “European” – a more modern version;
straight with bevel.
The classics now include models with satin finish – a type of matting that removes the bright shine of metal. As practice shows, matte men’s wedding rings made of gold (with a satin effect) are in great demand and are liked by many representatives of the strong half of humanity. The classic suits everyone, but on a man’s hand rims of 5-6 mm look better, a width of 4 mm is suitable for small palms, thin fingers.

Men's wedding rings

Square mens wedding rings

Square wedding rings are popular with men, because their angular shape seems to many more suitable for a man’s nature than the smooth roundness of a classic rim. According to psychologists, the very shape of the square is associated with male character traits: firmness, perseverance, practicality, charisma, leadership. They say that she is chosen by individuals who are characterized by an analytical type of thinking, those who are ruled by rationality. So it’s no surprise that your character likes this kind of “engagement” shape!

Are square rings convenient?

The square shape of the headband looks stylish, but is it comfortable? Depends on the model. Sometimes, in pursuit of originality, designers forget about the ergonomics of the jewelry. This is not critical if the model is being designed for the catwalk or for a one-night look. But in the case of a “engagement”, convenience comes to the fore, because often men complain that it is inconvenient for them to wear even an ordinary wedding ring. It is worth immediately abandoning models with sharp corners, excessively wide walls. Important: the inside of the ring should be round. It is strange, but there are also square internal sections.

You need to understand that for a man, the inconvenience of a wedding ring is not an empty excuse or a whim. If a person is not used to wearing jewelry on their hands, they can really cause discomfort. In this case, it is worthwhile to think 10 times before buying a square rim wedding ring without careful fitting. If you like the angular design, but have problems with finger sensitivity, you should opt for round models with square elements, as in examples 3, 4 and 5. It is also important to find a comfortable fit. Comfort fit models are said to be the only rings that men agree to wear. The rounded inner wall provides unparalleled comfort. Offer it to your loved one!

Double Alloy Men’s Wedding Ring

Two-alloy models are made of two types of gold – red and white, lemon and white. With a minimum of decor, their design turns out to be very expressive, and often they become a compromise solution in the eternal dispute between brides and grooms, when the former vote for restraint in design, and the latter dream of beautiful and bright wedding rings. For future spouses, you can buy identical rings, or choose a similar female model with diamonds in a pair with a man’s.

Men love to delve into details, and will probably take an interest in whether the two-alloy bezel will fall apart into components. You can reassure your loved one: in the Palace, combined rings are made using the sintering technology, blanks of gold of different colors are not welded, but “sintered” together under high pressure, the connection occurs at the molecular level, the rim is as strong as a mono-alloy.

Men’s wedding ring with decor

For the most stylish and daring, you can consider men’s wedding rings made of gold with decorative processing. Rough rough matting looks brutal. Men often like models with clear lines. You can also offer more complex decor, for example, “melting ice” or “rhombuses”.

If a man is not a supporter of asceticism in design, he may like openwork models in vintage style, like this men’s engagement ring “red gold plus white gold insert”, or an exclusive high-tech style with sapphires.

The type of decor that is actual for male models is enamel. She looks very bright, and at the same time perfectly suits the image of a gentleman. Appreciate an exclusive Palace with black enamel, ornamental carvings and diamonds.

Wide men’s wedding rings

Wide rings are a separate trend that has been relevant since 2020. In addition, such models are very suitable for men, give them a masculine look. Appreciate how charismatic the male half of the engagement duo looks next to the narrower female headband. The wide shafts are over 6 mm, while the straight or slightly concave shape of the wall is fashionable (wide “barrels” are perceived as archaism).

Men's wedding rings

Men’s wedding ring with diamonds

Diamonds can shine not only on the female half of a wedding duet! Men’s wedding rings made of gold with diamonds can also be quite brutal, despite the presence of an elegant precious insert. In the wedding couple “Idoya” the stones are inserted in a circle in both the man’s and the woman’s ring. Precious inlays make the already original square bezel designs even more impressive. For a groom who loves accessories in a modern style, unusual men’s wedding rings made of white gold with a diamond, for example, this model, as if made of twisted wire, are perfect.

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