Meet Max – a young man planning his engagement

Our client was struggling to find the right ring for his fiancé

Meet Max – a young man that has planned a romantic weekend getaway to lake Como to propose to his girlfriend! Our hero has 4 weeks left before the big day but no engagement ring.

Max’ idea is simple – a 2 Carat round brilliant cut diamond and a 18K yellow gold band. Unfortunately, no store had exactly what he was looking for. Either the right shape was not available, or the size was too small. Storming jewellery stores, talking to dozens of sales consultants, looking through catalogs, unfortunately no ring.

Meet Max - a young man planning his engagement

Our fiancé-to-be got desperate: “I can’t give up, I gotta have The Ring”, so he decided to turn to online stores, where he found our website. If he discovered our “Jewellery Constructor” to design the engagement ring earlier, it would have saved him a lot of energy and nerves.

Meet Max - a young man planning his engagement

That’s how it works:

First you need to go to our constructor to “Create your jewel”. Next, select the type of jewellery – “Ring”. Set the required parameters: metal, shape, cut, clarity, and carat of the stone. If you wish, you can specify additional wishes for the appearance or attach a picture. The final step is to press the “Send” button and fill out the contact form.

Meet Max - a young man planning his engagement

In return, you will receive a 3D digital design of the jewellery to see what it would look like. Before paying, you can change the design of the jewellery by communicating with our consultants. The finished product can be picked up at one of our your preferred location or delivered to your home.

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