Matting – a stylish finish for jewelry

Matting - a stylish finish for jewelry

Jewelers have long been using the method of combining mirror and matte surfaces, but the widespread use of matting in the manufacture of gold jewelry has occurred quite recently. The fashion for restrained elegance is winning more and more positions from defiant sexuality every day, and this is reflected in everything – in dresses, shoes, accessories and, of course, in jewelry.

However, the bold and stylish look of frosted gold pieces comes at the price of frequent cleaning. In the microroughness of the surface, the smallest particles of dirt accumulate very quickly, which negatively affect the aesthetics of jewelry. They can be cleaned with specialized jewelry cosmetics without using a polishing cloth. Ultrasound is the best way to deal with dirt on matte gold.

It is also worth remembering that matte jewelry requires careful handling. They need to be stored separately from other products, because if even the slightest scratch appears on the matte surface, it will be almost impossible to get rid of it.

Brushing. The brush has a rather simple design: its basis is a wooden or metal sleeve, on which bundles of thin wire made of steel or copper are fixed at several levels with a diameter of no more than 1.2 mm. High-speed rotation of the brushes is provided by the motor. The surface of the workpiece under this effect is smoothed and becomes evenly matte. The craftsman should pay attention to the fact that the brushes do not press too hard on the jewelry in order to avoid deep scratches and dents.

Use of chasing. Chisels are rods made of steel with a variable cross-section and an engraved notch on the working base. By hitting the embossings with a hammer and gradually moving it over the product, you can get a coarse-grained surface with a matte fine notch.

Shot blasting / sandblasting. Quartz particles with a diameter of 50–80 microns under high pressure are fed to the surface of the metal, knocking out microscopic irregularities on it. The finished product looks like it is strewn with precious sand. This method is most often used in mass production. In the manufacture of jewelry for individual orders, sandblasting has not found its use. A combination of “sandblasting” with other methods is possible: magnetic tumbling, chemical polishing, brushing. You can get many interesting visual effects by smoothing the surface more or less.

Laser matting. As the name implies, matting is performed with a laser beam. Due to the fact that only the uppermost, very thin layer of metal lends itself to it, after active wear the matte surface regains its gloss.

Matting, as a finishing operation, is performed at the last stage of jewelry production. It is responsible for the main task of finishing – giving the decoration a finished look. Thanks to the combination of machine and manual labor, the craftsmen manage to create an organic image embodied in gold or platinum.

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