Making your jewellery dreams come true

Making your jewellery dreams come true

It starts with an idea or an image of the desired product – custom made jewellery piece.

What to start from with designing your custom piece

There may be two options for the development of the piece. The first option is that our client has a clear picture of the jewellery masterpiece in their head or has a set of references and images of the jewellery they really like. With this request, our specialists translate the idea into a reality.

The second option is that our client has a vague idea of ​​what they want the piece to look like in the end. In this case, our designers guide the process. This includes a digital sketch of the custom made jewellery piece, making corrections as needed and creating the finished jewellery design together with our client.

3 steps from sketch to the 3D model

At this stage, the dimensions of the product and other technical parameters are determined: what kind of metal will be used, the presence of stones and inserts, the thickness of the future decoration, the specifications of the stones and their arrangement. Our jewelers guide the production process. They make sure that the aesthetics and appearance coincide, so that all the component parts of the jewellery can be cast from metal, and the stones are well placed.

The next step is volume and detail. Having received an accurate technical drawing, the designer makes a three-dimensional digital model, working out each detail separately for the metal and stone elements.

Together, a three-dimensional visual image of the custom made jewellery piece is born. At this stage, our client gets a complete picture of the jewellery piece. Upon approval, our jeweler starts working to produce the unique jewellery piece.

Making your jewellery dreams come true

Jewellery is real art, which you can become a part of together with us by inventing your own unique piece of custom made jewellery. We will help bring all your ideas to life! Come and choose you parameters to start.

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