DvonM jewellery has “Made in Switzerland” quality

Dorothe Von Malapert is totally made in Switzerland

“Made in Switzerland” is a brand that enjoys popularity and customer loyalty all over the world. Today, precision, as one of the characteristics of Swiss quality, is at the heart of many industries, including jewelry.

DVM jewelry is entirely made in Switzerland, so there is no doubt about the quality of our products.

  1. Each piece of jewelry that you order on our website comes with an official IGL or GIA certificate and a guarantee.
  2. Any materials without intermediaries. We have access to the world exchange in stones and metals. In our assortment you will find diamonds with any balance of weight, clarity, color and cut quality, as well as precious stones of various sizes and values ​​from all over the world.
  3. The client’s jewelry dream is a law for us. Jewelers take care of you by hand creating jewelry that fully meets your wishes. A completely unique product, a copy of a family heirloom or a design of any jewelry changed according to your request – these and other requests will be realized by our masters.
  4. With a reliable lock, like with a Swiss knife, you will not get into trouble. All DVM elements and fasteners are tested for durability.
  5. Accurate delivery to any corner of Europe, and if necessary, to any country around the world. It takes an average of 14 days from the moment your order is confirmed until the jewelry is delivered to you. We value speed and punctuality in work, so we try to send you a finished product of Swiss quality as soon as possible only by trusted logistics companies with parcel insurance.

DVM products are a combination of centuries-old jewelry traditions and the latest technologies that together create Swiss quality jewelry that has no analogues in the world.

What influenced the high production standards?

It’s simple – the very history of the state. Switzerland is a small country with scarce natural resources and fertile lands. For the sake of economic prosperity, the Swiss have always strived to be better than their foreign competitors.

The survival of local companies has always depended and continues to depend on innovation. The main ingredients for the success of Swiss entrepreneurs are ideas, courage and a willingness to take risks. Swiss businesses invest much more in research and development than other countries in the world.

The country’s economy is predominantly based on small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to their highly qualified employees, companies can tailor their products to the individual requirements of the customer.

Geographical injustice has influenced the cultivation of the best qualities of the nation on the path to a brighter future – the worldwide recognition and appreciation of the Swiss quality trademark.

Only products manufactured in Switzerland or 50% of production costs (including basic materials, semi-finished products, accessories, wages and production overheads, excluding distribution costs) may be labeled “made in Switzerland”. The origin of the main components and the production process of the product are also taken into account. And in borderline cases, the origin of the intellectual property embodied in the product and the special circumstances in the relevant industry.

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