Jewelry sets – a relic of the past or a fashion trend?

Jewelry sets - a relic of the past or a fashion trend?

A jewelry set is a set of jewelry made in the same style. Ideally, a set is a harmonious jewelry ensemble. Traditionally, large and small headsets are distinguished. The larger ones are the most complete, they can include the whole range of jewelry: earrings, bracelet, necklace, ring and even a brooch. Small, respectively, usually consist of any two or three elements.

Real precious headsets became less and less common. There are two reasons – high cost and fashion. The fact is that modern trends in the field of jewelry fashion are eclecticism, bright accents and a search for the extravagant.

Typefaces, on the other hand, are a stronghold of conservatism and classics in their purest form. Indeed, today it will be bad manners to put on the whole big set. However, there is still a way out.

First, it is worthwhile to understand that today only small headsets are in honor. Ideally, they should consist of earrings and a ring – this is the most modest and at the same time elegant option.

In addition, it is worth considering the format of the event you are going to. For special occasions, headsets with bright gems or, for example, luxurious diamonds will be very useful. But for the office, even a rather modest set will often look superfluous.

That is, in essence, an expensive headset is an attribute of high receptions and gala evenings. However, if you still want to find something everyday, choose from small and modest sets. Let’s say silver earrings and a turquoise or pearl ring. Remember, a sense of proportion is important here.

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