Jewellery with aquamarine – who and how should wear

Literally translated from Latin, aquamarine means "sea water" - aqua marina.

What could be more beautiful, more mysterious than the thickness of the sea water? Surely, many were fascinated looking at the sea, at the play of light in its waves. Literally translated from Latin, aquamarine means “sea water” – aqua marina. This mineral has long been in mind in humans, but earlier it was the basis of amulets and minerals. Then its properties were appreciated by jewelers, and today jewellery with aquamarine is presented in a wide range, in addition to rings, there are beads, pendants, bracelets, pendants and earrings with this mineral.

To take advantage of the properties of jewellery with aquamarine, you must purchase a natural mineral. Synthetic counterparts of this stone do not exist, they can give out painted glass, which, unlike the original, does not play in different shades when tilted.

To take advantage of the properties of aquamarine, you must purchase a natural mineral.

Inside a real crystal, “snowflakes”, bubbles and other inclusions are discernible with the naked eye. It has a glossy, not oily sheen. A natural mineral does not have a perfectly smooth surface.

Spinels and blue topaz can be used as aquamarine. How to protect yourself? Deal with professionals who value their reputation.

Our specialists independently purchase stones from well-known manufacturers and each batch is selectively checked for quality and origin. So we are calm about the naturalness of our minerals, but if the buyer comes across a fake, he will receive his money back with an apology. But we have not seen this for a long time.

Each piece of jewellery is accompanied by a detailed description, additional questions will be answered by a personal manager who is assigned to each customer for a year.

Our store has a flexible system of discounts and other incentives that make the purchase of jewellery more enjoyable. For example, each customer has the opportunity to receive an engraving or a gift certificate for future pieces.

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