Jewellery-statements: the main mood of recent years

2020 has significantly changed both the understanding of form and material, and the very attitude to the creative process. Most of the designers continue to follow the principle of individual approach, creating jewellery so comfortable that you can fall asleep with it. The purpose of such products is not to showcase wealth, but to blend seamlessly with your image. They become your statement of your own existence, style, position. There are different techniques to implement these ideas.

Jewellery-statements: the main mood of recent years

Irregular shapes

For many centuries, refined correctness and severity of form have been valued in jewellery. In the modern world, “ideality” is subjected to serious criticism and rethinking, and a light veil of incompleteness and imperfection makes jewellery especially popular. This may explain the trend towards baroque pearls and crumpled metal.

The term “baroque” is borrowed from French and means “unusual”, “quirky”. This is the name for irregularly shaped pearls. It has an interesting wavy surface, which is different for each pearl – it is impossible to find two similar ones.

The name “crumpled metal” speaks for itself. In the course of work, curved metal plates of various sizes and colors are used.

Jewellery with these materials looks rebellious and defiant and is the main trend of recent years. Due to the uneven surface, the number of edges increases and, accordingly, the shine of the products. Their unusual appearance, as it were, excludes the possibility of stamping – one gets the feeling that each has its own story.

Such jewellery is created in accordance with the aesthetics of our time and is absolutely universal: they can be worn with evening dress and with everyday clothes.

Jewellery-statements: the main mood of recent years


This trend has appeared a long time ago: since the 2000s, it has conquered literally all fashion adherents. Layering came to the sphere of jewellery a little later, but it confidently holds its positions.

Most often, this word means a combination of several of the same type of jewellery. I’m sure you’ve already seen a dozen rings on girls’ thin fingers or a combination of an elegant choker with a sautoir.

Variations in styles, materials, length and massiveness of jewellery allow you to regularly bring novelty to the image, and the trend of layering itself becomes an obstacle on the way to meaningless consumerism – skillfully combining the contents of your jewellery box, you can avoid unnecessary spending.

Of course, there is a measure in everything. The “senseless and merciless” jumble of incongruous elements can harm not only your image, but also the eyes of others.

Jewellery-statements: the main mood of recent years


Disputes about whether it is possible to combine gold of two or three colors have been going on approximately since their discovery. Time, as usual, puts everything in its place.

Bicolor collections are in a hurry to help you. Products that combine different metals, paired earrings and bracelets of different colors open up space not only for a design flight of thought, but also for a variety of your looks.

Jewellery-statements: the main mood of recent years


Fine jewellery is viewed as an investment, a significant event. Such jewellery has a conservative design that shows luxury and opulence.

Demi-fine is bought as a gift to yourself. Most often, these are designer items designed to emphasize your uniqueness, to merge with you: inconspicuous necklaces and thin rings are as light as breath. They are suitable for those who want to wear quality jewellery, but think that displaying wealth is bad form.

Jewellery-statements: the main mood of recent years

Personalized jewellery

In this case, the word “personalized” means jewellery that carries a certain message that is meaningful exclusively to you.

Most often, this is a necklace with the first letter of the name of your loved ones, a ring with a significant number for you, earrings with the image of your zodiac sign, and so on. This trend is the embodiment of the idea of an individual approach, jewellery in which the meaning and idea are laid.

Jewellery-statements: the main mood of recent years

Statement jewellery

Such jewellery is also called “accent” – they are massive, look provocative and unusual. If ordinary jewellery “says something about you,” then these ones scream.

Very long or massive earrings enjoy the greatest attention. If you choose them correctly, they will not only decorate the face, but also correct its shape. A huge number of options (chain earrings, spirals, hanging balls and drops with precious stones) allows you to combine these products with both a strict business image and an evening dress. They became the trend of the era, as they once did in the sixties.

Along with long earrings, chains are returning to fashion, which have firmly taken the place of the main trend of 2020. Different lengths and massiveness, they become part of earrings, the basis of bracelets, massive necklaces, chokers. Weaving anchor, armor, “bismarck”, “love” – ​​there are options for every taste.

Statement jewellery works best with pastel garments and natural make-up, without competing with attention-grabbing elements.

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