Jewellery of your own design

You’ve already seen countless options when trying to find the perfect ring, but still haven’t found one that meets all of your requirements. What else can you do? In fact, there is a way to get your dream piece of jewellery – create jewellery of your own design.

How to make a custom ring?

We at Dorothy von Malapert offer a bespoke ring, and if you want to have a piece of your own design, the first thing you should do is provide our jewelers with the idea of ​​your own perfect ring.

Choose the details in our jewellery constructor, fill in descriptions, add drawings and photographs, our jewelers will create a 3D model of your future product.

We are also happy to create a computer model.

After looking at the model, you can ask for design changes. After all changes are made, a real ring will be created using metals and gems as per your request.

Benefits of designing your own ring

The best thing about a custom design is the ability to get the exact precious piece you want. You can design your ring to fit perfectly on your finger, choose the exact gem sizes so that the ring is well balanced, and choose the right color combination to complement your other jewellery or outfits. You can also make various changes to the preliminary design before the product is manufactured.

How do you find the best jeweler for your custom project?

Designing and creating jewellery is a complex process, and since you cannot change the design after the ring is ready, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. And we can provide it.

In addition, the people to whom you will explain your design requirements will subsequently work on creating your ring. Thus, it is much easier to avoid any misunderstanding, because you communicate with employees directly involved in the creation process.

Description of your dream ring

Use all the options available to convey the image you have in mind. Draw a picture of your dream ring and attach pictures of the rings that resemble the ones in your imagination. You can also display designs that are available in a jewellery store, similar to the image in your head.

Anything that will help our jewelers understand your idea will be useful.

Before the final stage

Make sure that the 3D model and / or computer generated image of the future ring is exactly what you want.

You should be happy with all the features of the product, including shank width, stone height, rim thickness, etc. Once the ring is made, it is very difficult to make any changes. But on the other hand, how pleasant it is after so much work to enjoy your unique product, created personally for you.

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