Jewellery for men

Watches and cufflinks are not a complete list of jewellery for men. It is these pieces that create the complete image of a stylish and successful man.

Jewellery for men

Jewellery bracelets for men

Bracelets for men are gaining more and more popularity. It can be both products with strict shapes, and jewellery made of leather and deliberately rough metal. Due to the wide variety of forms and the ability to give the image a special charm that these things possess.

Precious metal bracelets remain a beloved classic. The greatest demand is for silver ones, which are perfect for any style of clothing. Yes, and it is difficult to find another equally expressive, but at the same time very restrained material, like silver or white gold, which conquers anyone with its magnificent magical radiance and severity.

When choosing a men’s bracelet, you need to pay special attention not only to size, but also to style, shape, weaving, etc. For example, thin silver bracelets, which are most often bought because of their elegance, look best on small hands with long fingers. This brush shape is most often found among artists or musicians. The situation is quite different with massive bracelets, which consist of thick, large links or solid metal. This type of bracelet will work best on people with wide wrists.

When visiting a jewellery store, you can see extremely modest, inexpensive bracelets made of silver and other materials, as well as real luxury pieces that immediately catch your eye.

Business people prefer to choose austere bracelets that simply highlight the person’s overall style. This allows you to add a flair to the look, but not distract clients or partners with details during communication.

Jewellery for men

Jewellery chains for men

Thick chains, both gold and white metal. Their length, according to fashion standards, should not exceed 24 cm. Weaving can be different: from smooth to intricate. Thick men’s chains used to adorn the massive necks of serious guys. Kings, knights, Vikings and many other characters from different centuries wore thick chains as a symbol of power, strength, wealth and might.

Now everything has become easier, anyone can wear a thick chain made of silver, true gold or other metals. And this can be done in different ways. But something remains the same: the thick men’s chain around the neck is by definition designed to be noticed. It will be visible even under the clothes.  Check what you need to know about chain making.

Jewellery for men

Jewellery rings and seals for men

Rings, signet rings and seals are still relevant. The only difference is that three rings are allowed: wedding, signet and ring. The last piece can be worn on any finger, including the little finger.

For many centuries, the family coat of arms has been on the signet ring. Also, the seal was used as a regular seal, which was placed on documents. Now signet rings are worn by men and women from all walks of life who want to show style or a sentimental connection to something or someone.

Today, the elitism associated with rings has disappeared. But some people still prefer seals, but more creative ones. You can design your unique family seal with us. Some choose to wear them every day, while others only wear them for special occasions. They are often given as gifts for 21 birthdays or worn as wedding rings.

Signet rings can also denote membership in a club. Signet rings continue to grow in popularity. At least because of its distinctive design. As the signet ring becomes a vehicle for personal expression, the place and way of wearing it will be as unique as the person wearing it.

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