Is it fine to let other people wear your earrings?

Is it fine to let other people wear your earrings?

Jewellery does not always come to us straight from the store, new and without “history”. Earrings can be a gift or an accidental find, sometimes jewellery is changed or just given to be worn for a while. And if you have not thought about the “biography” of earrings before, we will tell you why it is worth doing.

Is it possible to wear someone else’s earrings:

What the signs say Folk omens say that you need to bypass other people’s jewellery, as they can bring misfortune. Precious metals easily accumulate energy, “tune in to the wave” of their owner. Esotericists claim that you never know for sure what kind of energy the metal has “absorbed”, so it is better not to risk it.

Be careful when encountering other people’s earrings – do not bring them into the house, do not try on or pick them up unless absolutely necessary.

Is it possible to wear someone else’s gold earrings?

Gold accumulates the energy of its owner very well. It is of great importance to those who previously wore gold earrings, because during the first fitting, part of its energy can go to you. Consider a few situations in which you may need to wear someone else’s gold earrings.

  • Earrings were found on the road or in another public place. Such a decoration should not be selected, let alone tried on. After all, it is not known who and under what circumstances lost the earrings (or left them on purpose). They can belong to a person with an unhappy fate, and together with jewellery they often “give away” problems – illness and misfortune. If you can’t walk past, lift the piece of jewellery not with your bare hand, but through a handkerchief or napkin. At home, put it in holy water for three days, then in fine salt for three days, and then on the windowsill for three days to cleanse it of negative energy.
  • The earrings were presented by your mother (grandmother, aunt, sister). If jewellery with good intentions is given by a loved one, it will bring good luck and joy. When you are sure of the good intentions of the giver, you can safely take and wear other people’s earrings. If in doubt, clean the jewellery with holy water before trying it on.
  • A friend suggests trying on her earrings. In order not to “change energy”, it is better to refuse such a fitting. If your friend offers too much, think about why she is doing it.
Is it fine to let other people wear your earrings?

Is it possible to wear someone else’s silver earrings

Silver has long been used to create amulets and talismans; special properties are attributed to this metal. When deciding to try on someone else’s silver earrings, remember this – when another person puts on the amulet earrings, the protective properties of the jewellery are lost. If you do not want to harm the owner of the jewellery, do not wear his earrings.

Someone else’s silver earrings, like gold ones, easily accumulate energy, “get used” to the owner. If the owner of the earrings changes (even for a few minutes), the energies mix and there can be unpredictable effects. Through jewellery, you can give or receive part of any energy – good or negative, but this cannot be controlled.

Is it possible to give other people to vilify your earrings

Beautiful earrings are often asked to vilify friends, relatives – sister, mother or aunt can apply with the same request. Of course, close people do not want to refuse a request, but it is worth weighing the pros and cons. Earrings have long been considered a talisman, especially if they are made of precious metal – gold or silver. The adornment accumulates the energy of the owner, and if you give it to another person, you can give part of your energy, your destiny together with the adornment.

Earrings, like other jewellery, are very personal items, so you have every right to answer firmly “no” when asked to vilify them. But only you make the decision. Some women share jewellery with loved ones, and they confidently say that such an exchange has no consequences.

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