How to wear your pendants

How to wear your pendants

We have figured out how to choose a chain for a pendant. Now it’s time to say how to wear your pendants. Well, maybe not a couple, because the choice of suspension is also a science. And you can rely solely on your own taste only if you have it as a reference. But let’s face it: there are very few of us who have an ideal sense of style, so recommendations, bit by bit collected from blogs and interviews of famous designers, will be useful to everyone to one degree or another.

The worst thing that can happen to us when choosing a chain and a pendant is a mix of styles, which in fact is pure tasteless. Only a few are able to competently combine elements of different genres without slipping into banal kitsch or outrageous vulgarity. Therefore, keep a brief overview of the stylistic decisions, among which you will definitely find the one that is closest to you: both for you and the clothes in which you are most often dressed. After all, the combination of jewellery and outfit is paramount. Otherwise, visual dissonance will be noticeable even from afar.

Classic style

Classic pendants and chains are always a universal and definitely a win-win solution. A classic is a classic to blend in with any environment. Except, perhaps, the sporty style, with which classic jewellery is on friendly terms on the most rare occasions. And most of these cases are ready-to-wear shows that almost never leave the established framework of the catwalks.

You can understand that this is a classic piece of jewellery by a number of characteristic features. For example:

  • a classic product always has a laconic form;
  • such an ornament is distinguished by the correct proportions, which, in turn, provide the accessory with special grace;
  • classic products are distinguished by a refined and verified geometry.

Classic caliber jewellery is rarely made from alloys. The only exception is designer jewellery, the cost of which is often even higher than the cost of similar no name jewellery. The original Murano glass pendants have earned special respect in this niche: the classics, captured in such an unusual material, highlight the owners of the original taste, who prefer the classics, but tend to have a zest in the image. The shape of classic pendants is most often either oval or drop-shaped. But this is rather an auxiliary criterion than a fundamental one.

Avant-garde style

The avant-garde is the complete opposite of the classics. There is no tradition in the avant-garde style, and this is the main characteristic of avant-garde jewellery. It is impossible not to notice such a pendant. It is always something bright, impressive, catchy and memorable for a long time. Avant-garde jewellery is characterized by vibrant colors, asymmetries and unexpected geometry. Another feature is the use of both traditional and non-traditional materials: from 585 gold to bright plastic, which in combination with precious metal looks like something cosmic.

The avant-garde is always eccentric and shocking to one degree or another. And not everyone is ready to shock. Usually, pendants of this type are chosen by eccentric creative and very emotional natures, for whom jewellery is a visualization of their own self, and not just an accessory on a golden string.

How to wear your pendants

Casual style

Fishes, stars, crescent moons, flowers, hearts, angels, dolphins: all this and more – casual pendants, which are the most common and most popular among modern women. Clients of jewellery boutiques buy such products much more often than universal, but very heavyweight classics or chaotic avant-garde jewellery. The secret lies in the simple and easy combination of such products with clothing and other accessories in the outfit.

If the pendant in a casual style is not made of precious metal, then it can be glass, enamelled base metal, and rubber, and multi-colored plastic. Most of the jewellery is made in this style. Moreover, both designer and branded products and mass-market jewellery, which, in fact, are worthless. The casual pendant can be worn with anything. In contrast to the classics, casual is combined even with sportswear. But as an evening option, such pendants, to be honest, are not very good. They are bright enough for everyday situations and dull enough for parties or special occasions. If you want to sparkle in the light of spotlights, we recommend that you rely on avant-garde or jewellery classics.

Sport style

Sports pendants are a separate niche. For the manufacture of such pendants, as a rule, only metals are used. And both precious and non-precious. The sports pendant looks great in gold, platinum and titanium. Stainless steel is also a fairly popular material that looks just as good on the body as the rest.

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