How to wear a ruby gemstones and ruby care

Ruby gemstones and ruby jewellery care

Ruby is a gem with tremendous power. It can exert over a person who is weak in spirit or give patience to a person who doesn’t control himself from time to time. It is said so, but what we truly believe in is that this stone has a tremendous beauty and needs tender love and care.

How to wear a ruby:

  • First of all, you need to study the properties of a ruby ​​before deciding to buy this stone;
  • It is believed that the ruby ​​must be worn exclusively on the hands (in rings, bracelets), but the metal that ruby ​​loves is gold and only gold;
  • Despite the fact that the ruby ​​is the prince of stones, it can be worn with some other minerals, and it will even be beneficial. Wearing a ruby ​​and freshwater pearls will soon give up all prejudices and stereotypes for the owner of the stone, discovering new styles and behaviors that will help him to correctly set a goal and come to it. If you wear a ruby ​​with rose quartz, you can discover your new “I” and learn about everything that was previously hidden in you. An excellent combination is a ruby ​​with diamonds, especially if they are combined in one piece. The combination of ruby ​​with aventurine is also favorable.

How to distinguish a ruby

  • It is known that the properties of the ruby ​​are such that good people, thanks to the ruby, acquire decisiveness, nobility and strength. A ruby must be worn with love;
  • Before putting on a ruby, give it your tenderness, love and positivity – it will return everything to you a hundredfold. Before putting the ring on your finger, stroke it gently, because a real ruby ​​does not tolerate inattention to itself;
  • Many people wonder which finger to wear a ruby on. This mineral is a stone of love, which is why it is often worn on the ring finger. The ruby ​​ring can also be worn on the index finger. It is believed that if you wear a ruby ​​on the middle finger, then its owner may lose the ability to enjoy intimacy.
  • The main thing is to buy stones with certification and holographic marks only. You may check our guarantees and types of certificates.   

How to care for a ruby:

  • Like other stones, ruby ​​does not like being in direct sunlight for a long time;
  • Do not allow the ruby ​​to overheat;
  • Store jewellery with rubies separately from other stones, preferably by wrapping them in a cloth;
  • It is strictly forbidden to clean the ruby ​​with sharp objects and objects that can cause mechanical damage;
  • If you need to remove dirt from the stone, you can use a toothbrush. You need to brush it over the stone lightly and carefully.

Or you may leave this role to us and request a jewellery cleaning by DVM Jewellery.

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