How to measure your ring size

How to measure your ring size

To measure your ring size at home, you can use a simple method that does not require a lot of time, you only need a printer and scissors. Download the size assistant on our website under the section timeless / rings / size in cm.

How to measure your ring size

The size of a ring is the measure of its inner diameter in millimeters. That is, a ring of size 16 has an inner diameter of 16 mm, a size of 16.5 – 16.5 mm, and so on. The inner diameter itself is the distance between the farthest points from each other on the inner edge of the ring.

For the reliability of the results, it is better to take measurements when you feel well and at a comfortable ambient temperature, when there is no swelling, and the fingers have their usual size and shape.

How correctly you choose the size of the ring will determine whether you enjoy wearing it, how comfortable you will be in it, and how long it will last. An incorrectly sized ring can fall off, or, conversely, cause unpleasant sensations if it is too tight. It is a shame to lose a piece of jewellery dear to your heart simply because you did not understand the intricacies in time. Of course, modern technology has made great strides forward. Often a ring that does not fit very well is taken by many to the workshop in order to slightly reduce or, conversely, increase the size.

But this is not always possible. For example, rings – “paths”, rings with many stones, intricate and complex work, most likely will not work to fit. A jeweler who yields to your persistent requests risks deforming the ring or sacrificing inserts. In addition, in most cases, it is possible to reduce or increase only by half a size, maximum by size without losing the appearance and proportions of the product.

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