How to combine jewellery of different lengths

Layered necklaces are one of the main trends of the season. Now you do not need to be limited to one chain, choker or pendant. All of them can be present in a single accessory worn around your neck. A huge variety of elements will give you the ability to create dozens and hundreds of images of how to combine jewellery of different lengths. For every day, for any occasion and for any mood.  

Combine jewellery of different length

The rules of how to combine jewellery largely depend on its length. In one case it will be a flowing cascade effect, in the other it will be an interesting contrast. With an evening dress, it will be enough to wear only two chains – one long and one short. Hang an unusual pendant on one of them to make it a statement piece. The length of the decoration also depends on the size of the cut. For example, in combination with a large deep neckline, you can wear long models that focus on the neckline. A small neckline or its complete absence goes well with flowing short cascades of necklaces.

Combine jewellery of different uniformity

Increasingly, when developing collections of accessories, designers violate all the rules of compatibility, using different materials or their combinations to make one piece of jewellery. But if you want to wear chains or earrings of different lengths, then try to comply with the style. If gold, then with gold, if silver, then with silver. Believe us, amber beads together with a thin necklace trimmed with platinum will not look the best. No one forbids experimenting with materials, colors, shapes and sizes, but do not completely abandon a sense of proportion.

Combine pendants, circles and rings

If you want to diversify your look and emphasize a subtle sense of style, use pendants in the form of pendants, names and inscriptions, hearts and various geometric shapes in combination with ordinary chains. The most popular among them are circles and rings. With their help, the width of the jewellery can be noticeably increased, and the combination of rings of different sizes with multi-layer chains will look especially harmonious. The main thing is to observe the unity of style and shades.

Combine short chain with long necklace

The easiest option is how you can successfully combine chains of different lengths together. Wear a short model no more than 40 cm long and a long necklace. Just try this combination, and you will be amazed at how much the right accents in the image will place.

The multi-layered combination only seems chaotic and incoherent. But if you start to pick up fashionable jewellery blindly, then it is unlikely that something good will come of it.

How to combine jewellery of different lengths

How to combine jewellery of different lengths: ideas and examples

As an example, let’s take a look at several spectacular combinations that fully correspond to modern fashion trends:

Timeless classics. One classic 40 cm chain, one more dainty with a 45 cm pendant or pendant and another 50 cm necklace with stones to boot. This combination will be optimal both for evening outings and celebrations, as well as for everyday walks around the city. Put on a classic shirt or a sweater with a shallow neckline under such accessories, and the look will be ready;

Name pendants. One 40cm name necklace and two longer 60cm chains with large pendants. If individuality and self-expression are important to you, then names and inscriptions, as well as their combinations, can be a good solution for forming an everyday look. You can wear multi-layer personalized pendants both over a dress with a cut-out, and together with a regular jumper and casual-style jeans;

Play with length. To add variety to any casual and festive outfit, you can purchase sets of chains of different lengths. Three or four accessories from 40 to 70 centimeters are enough. And let each subsequent chain be 5-10 centimeters longer than the previous one. So you can create a spectacular multi-tiered necklace, which can be additionally decorated with massive pendants and pendants-rings;

Circles and rings. One chain with a ring suspension, the other with a circle suspension. The classic shape of pendants is suitable for almost all women and girls, regardless of age, style of clothing, season. And the main charm here is that the classics play with new colors thanks to the different length of the necklace. If you want a “sure” option, there is simply no better solution for how to combine jewellery of different lengths.

Well, now you know how to wear necklaces and chains with pendants of different lengths? Then it’s time to move from theory to practice! Use our tips and show everyone around you what real high fashion is.

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