How to clean pearls at home

lPearls are a unique jewel found in shellfish shells and you need to know how to take care of and look after them. And most importantly – how to clean pearls without harming them.

How to clean pearls at home

Since pearls contain only 2% water, if there is a lack of water, pearls lose their luster over time and may begin to exfoliate. Excess moisture also negatively affects pearls – they become cloudy and lose their natural shine.

Pearls are “afraid” of 4 things:

Very bright light.
Elevated temperature.
High humidity.

What should be the proper care for pearls at home?

Even ordinary house dust that settles on pearls and can leave micro-scratches on them, leading to a loss of luster. Therefore, it must be stored in a box upholstered with something soft from the inside. In addition, it is advisable to keep it separate from other jewelry.

Don’t put on pearls right after leaving the bathroom. As already mentioned, high humidity has a bad effect on pearls. Moreover, you should not wear it in rainy weather. Indeed, in addition to moisture, pearls are also exposed to acid, which over time eats away the mother-of-pearl shell and pearls lose their luster and “melt”.

If you are planning a trip to hot countries, then you should not take pearl jewelry with you. Pearls also tarnish and lose their luster when exposed to the bright sun. In addition, far from home, it will be difficult for you to properly clean the pearls and the jewelry as a whole on your own.

We offer you simple and effective ways to clean pearls.

There are several ways to clean pearls.

Soap solution. From time to time you need to take baby soap and, adding warm water, whip the foam. Then, using a soft napkin, gently scrub each pearl with this foam. After this procedure, the pearls must be wiped with a soft cloth, periodically rinsing it in clean warm water. By analogy, diamonds should be cleaned. You need to dry pearls only in a horizontal position, spreading them out on a soft napkin. Since when drying in a suspended state, the thread is stretched.
Jewelry professionals use a very weak solution of acetic acid or hydrochloric acid to clean pearls.
Tooth powder can also be used to clean pearls. To do this, you need to place the pearls in the composition and then wet them in a very weak solution of malic or hydrochloric acid. Under no circumstances should pearls be wiped clean.
Home cleaning pearls also allow for the use of potato starch. Rubbing each pearl with starch removes dirt and excess moisture from it.
To restore natural shine to pearls, olive oil is used. A small amount should be applied to a soft napkin and rubbed over each pearl. Excess also needs to be removed after the procedure with a soft cloth.
But what is the most important care? The main thing is to wear pearls. It doesn’t matter whether you have classic round pearls, baroque pearls or exotic soufflé pearls – when in contact with clean skin, it “comes to life” on its own.

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