How to choose cufflinks?

How to choose cufflinks?

Correctly selected cufflinks will perfectly emphasize the style of their owner. The combination is not so difficult to find, gaining inspiration and experimenting a little.

Depending on the situation, cufflinks are divided into accessories for leisure, for every day and for special celebrations. The imagination of modern designers surprises with a variety of cufflink designs.

It is worth noting that when choosing cufflinks for a tuxedo, you need to take into account the color of the shirt. For example, they can be white or metallic. If the color of the tuxedo is taken into account, then black. But this option is less preferable. Against the background of a tuxedo, gold or silver cufflinks will stand out strongly. Therefore, you need to be careful with such colors.

Business suit cufflinks should be discreet and discrete. It cannot be argued that stones are absolutely unacceptable in this case. They can be present, but should be modest and not focus on the wealth of their owner.

Cufflinks are symmetrical and asymmetrical, Symmetrical ones consist of identical halves, and asymmetrical ones have a logo or a stone on one side, and a clasp on the other side.

The cuffs of the shirts can be sewn in different ways. The Italian style assumes the absence of a cufflink, the cuff is fastened only with a button. The French cuff is for cufflinks only, but the Viennese is a mixture of the two above. It also has buttons and holes for cufflinks.

How to choose cufflinks?

Cufflinks should be combined with other accessories of the owner: with watches, rings, bracelets or rings. Usually men adhere to the rule when silver cufflinks are matched to silver watches, and gold cufflinks, respectively, to gold ones. If the owner prefers a sports watch, then you can stop at accessories made of white metal or items covered with black enamel.

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