High-tech jewellery: fashionable hobby or jewellery future?

High-tech jewellery: fashionable hobby or jewellery future?

Western jewellery manufacturers are seriously worried about the decline in sales of expensive jewellery, including diamonds. This forces them to look for new approaches to shoppers, especially to the “elusive” audience of 20-30-year-old “millennials”. It is unclear how soon this trend will come to our jewellery market. However, Russian jewelers are already feeling a similar decline in demand due to the crisis.

What to sell, what trends to “catch” and how to change the sales methodology to make the buying experience more attractive to a new audience that prefers personal experience to traditional concepts imposed from above? There are no clear answers to these questions yet. But it seems that time itself offers solutions that will become a real challenge for “classic jewelers”.

Recently, catwalks have started to fill up with models that showcase “more than jewellery” in the literal rather than advertising sense. jewellery of various brands (which quickly picked up the trend) are increasingly filled with purely practical functionality: they signal health status, inform about the arrival of mail and help plan physical activity. At the same time, the jewellery component of such products is enhanced: often, such high-tech jewellery cannot be distinguished from ordinary designer rings and bracelets.

Let’s consider the main achievements at the intersection of science and art – high-tech jewellery, or “wearables,” as they are commonly called in the West. And how fleeting will be the fashion for them, time will tell.

High-tech jewellery for sports and health

This is perhaps the most complete and successful commercially high-tech gadget category at the moment. Fitness bracelets that have already become commonplace, which measure the number of steps on a morning run and other types of load, are gradually changing. Moreover, the design of these devices is becoming more attractive for new segments of “fashionable” buyers.

Fitness trackers from designers

They have created stylish bracelets and necklaces with built-in fitness functionality. With its luxury “jewellery” products, the brand hopes to attract women into the ranks of buyers who have bypassed such “devices” that do not fit into their wardrobe. Bracelets and necklaces can count steps and measure heart rate. The collection is represented by gold charms on chains, silicone bracelets with neon backing and gold bracelets that look more like jewellery than high-tech devices.

The bracelet can count steps, calories, distance, and show time. In addition, it is connected to the smartphone and informs the owner about the incoming calls, SMS and emails. The products of this purely technical company cannot be called too close to jewellery, but the latest innovations look quite stylish and laconic.

High-tech jewellery: fashionable hobby or jewellery future?

Jewellery with smartphone functions

Another popular category of smart jewellery is jewellery that partially duplicates the functionality of smartphones.

They are smart jewellery connected to a smartphone. They inform the owner (by glowing or vibrating) about the incoming important call or message. From the outside, it looks like “glancing at the clock”, which is generally considered more polite than constantly taking the phone out of the bag, or laying it on the table when meeting with someone.

Jewelery-wise, the line features a customizable display that can be worn as a cocktail ring, cuff bracelet or necklace. The images on the display can also be changed depending on the taste of the owner. True, the jewellery is still in the form of a demo version, and the company is currently raising funds for the release of commercial models.

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