Hair jewellery and their types

Hair jewellery and their types

A variety of modern hair ornaments are accessories designed both for fixing a hairstyle, and directly for decorating it. The vast majority of them combine both functions, and some varieties are used exclusively for beauty.

The desire of humanity to decorate the head and hair was manifested in ancient times. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore gold items inlaid with precious stones. Ancient Greek beauties wore tiaras, wreaths of natural flowers and gold. Japanese women used special hair pins – sticks. Slavs wore kokoshniks, wreaths woven into braids of ribbons. The Renaissance era brought into fashion huge hair designs, decorated with stones, flowers, ribbons, combs, feathers.

Modern jewellery for hair is not inferior in beauty and variety to its predecessors. All kinds of ribbons with precious and semi-precious stones, chains, tiaras with Swarovski crystals, satin clips with pearls – famous designers delight fashionistas with fresh ideas every season.

Varieties of hair jewellery

All types of hair ornaments can be conditionally divided according to their functional characteristics into ornaments and hairpins.

The first group – jewellery – is not so numerous and includes all kinds of tiaras and original decorative headdresses. This jewellery is especially used in wedding and evening dresses, for which solemnity and bright shine of iridescent stones are appropriate.

Hair jewellery and their types

The second group – hairpins – an endless row of ornaments that serve both to decorate and fix the hairstyle. These include combs, hoops, elastic bands and bows, headbands, bobby pins and hairpins, automatic hairpins, crabs, bananas, and so on. They are used both for everyday wear and for special occasions. Everyday hair jewellery is characterized by more discreet sizes, colors, designs and materials. Elegant hair pins attract more attention with their sophistication, complexity and brilliance.

hairpins - an endless row of ornaments that serve both to decorate and fix the hairstyle

In an extensive group of hairpins, a variety can be distinguished, designed for the formation of hairstyles. Their main difference is to be invisible or create the illusion of natural hair. For example, heagami (Hairagami) – a hair clip that helps to collect hair in a lush bun, or bumpits (Bumpits), creating volume at the back of the head, or inserts with artificial hair.

Hair jewellery is so versatile and versatile that you can choose the right one for any hair length, including short hair. Skillful use of accessories that match the style will diversify the look.

hairpins - an endless row of ornaments that serve both to decorate and fix the hairstyle

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