Gold bracelets are always in trend!

14 carat yellow gold bracelets will always stay in trend

The history of a gold bracelet began in the 30s. A jeweler named Rene Boivin, who inherited the business from his father (who inherited it from his father, Rene’s grandfather), was just starting his business in his native France. The jeweler was married to a woman named Jeanne, and it was she who became his first and most important assistant. Of course, the wife did everything 100% anonymously, because it was simply impossible to imagine a woman jeweler in France in the first half of the 20th century. Self-realization of the ladies was out of the question.

However, the death of her husband made adjustments to the life of Jeanne herself, and to the history of the Boivin brand. The widow of Rene Boivin then firmly decided: she would not sell the family business, because she would not be able to entrust it to a stranger, she would lead it on her own.

Back to the bracelet and the story of how it turned into a jewellery manifesto of feminism. One of the creative designers invited by Jeanne Boivin was a girl named Juliette Mutart. In the jewellery field she is known as “one of the most talented women jewellers of the last century.” Jeanne saw the gift of her colleague in time and invited her to collaborate. Juliette created an adornment that became a symbol of the Boivin jewellery house – a hard cuff bracelet, which has been a reference for classic jewellery since the 1940s and today looks just as elegant and aristocratic on a woman’s wrist as it did many years ago, and is still popular today.

Gold bracelets are always in trend!

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