IGL and GIA certificate, what is it?

IGL and GIA certificate, what is it?

Why and who needs a certificate of authenticity

You, as a client, want to receive jewelry made of precious metals with real diamonds for your money. How do you know that you are not being deceived?

A certificate of conformity is a product passport, which is issued after an independent gemological examination for each individual item of the product. It guarantees the authenticity of the jewelry and proves that its performance meets the current quality standards. For these purposes, the document is assigned an individual number, a QR code and a holographic seal.

Every jewellery piece you order from DVM comes with an official IGL or GIA certificate and warranty

Dorothe Von Malapert, the founder

The certificate of conformity contains detailed information about the object (sample, material, purity, weight, impurities). More details about the gemstone:

  • Name of the examination
  • The name of the center that carried out such an analysis, its registration number, address, telephone number, postal address on the Internet
  • Date of laboratory check
  • Assigned certificate number
  • Carat cut
  • Size indicated in millimeters
  • The severity of the diamond
  • The proportions of the object
  • Fluorescence
  • ISO Classification Data *
  • Drawing a stone from above, below and in profile, indicating the height, width, length
  • Examination conclusion
  • Signature and initials of the head of this center

According to the international rules for the classification of diamonds: they evaluate and issue a certificate only for diamonds of natural origin and for natural cut emeralds. Artificially grown stones are not subject to conformity assessment, information about their origin must be printed on the label.

Who makes the gemological assessment?

This laboratory study is authorized to be carried out only by specialists with a diploma from the Central Authority of the System (DSP), with at least two years of laboratory test experience and knowledge of the relevant regulations and documents.

Large organizations abroad:
International Gemological Laboratory
Institute of Gemology of America.
High Council for Diamonds of Antwerp.
The largest research centers in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium.

*The ISO 24016 standard, which covers “diamond classification, terminology and test methods”, was developed in collaboration with CIBJO, the World Confederation of Jewelry.

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