Everyday jewellery stud earrings

Everyday jewellery stud earrings

Timeless, classic and will appeal to all fashionistas. Stud earrings are perhaps the most versatile style of earrings that can be worn for any occasion. Such earrings are universal and suitable for any style. Diamond studs are the most timeless. If you love bright colored stones, then you should definitely look out for studs with emeralds, rubies and other precious gemstones.

Everyday jewellery stud earrings

Everyday classic earrings

Life does not consist of continuous holidays and parties; on weekdays or on a relaxed weekend outside the city, you want to take a break from splendor – including your jewellery. Evening ones are replaced by day or “costume” ones. Therefore, one cannot do without laconic, comfortable and almost weightless earrings, appropriate in any situation. And if you consider that they have a unique ability to never go out of style, then we can consider that a pair of successful studs, combined with a cocktail dress, and with a business suit, and with jeans and “converse”, is an excellent investment.

Everyday jewellery stud earrings

Stud earrings are for everyone

Like most jewellery designs, studs in their modern form were invented in Western Europe. Actually, the term pusset is French (poussette, translated as “hairpin with a large pommel”). In jewellery, it simply means the design of the earring: a short stem with a precious topping on one side and a clip or washer securing the earring in the ear on the other.

Studs are loved by everyone, from girls to ladies. The next peak of popularity of studs came in the 1980s and 1990s, when several piercings in the ear came into fashion, and studs are the most comfortable earrings for such piercing. At the same time, studs began to be massively worn by men who took an example from rock musicians and heroes of films about informals.

Due to the fact that the weight of the precious metal in the studs is, as a rule, minimal, these are quite democratic earrings: no woman will refuse gold studs with small diamonds, sapphires or other precious gemstones. If they are not given to her, an independent working girl is quite capable of buying them herself.

Stud earrings are even for a night out

However, studs can be both daytime and evening: if in a jewellery pairing (a complete ensemble for special occasions) the emphasis is on a necklace, earrings are often laconic, and the designer chooses for such a pairing exactly the shape of the studs: a large pearl framed with diamonds, a cabochon of colored stone, a large classic-cut diamond or the same large emerald, sapphire or ruby, again in a diamond frame.

Everyday jewellery stud earrings

The classic insert for a stud is a precious or colored stone. In the case of opaque colored stones (coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, amber), this can be a cabochon. When it comes to cut stones, almost all popular cuts are used for the stud. Classic round (“diamond”), rectangular “princess” with sharp corners, “heart”, “emerald” (rectangular stepped cut with beveled corners), teardrop-shaped “pear”, almond-shaped “marquis”.

Go and choose your design!

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