Emerald. One of the most valuable gemstones..

Emerald. One of the most valuable gemstones..

In nature, it is rarely possible to find a completely transparent emerald gemstone. And such emeralds are highly prized. Basically, these gems contain cracks, bubbles and cloudy areas. Emerald colors are most often represented by shades of green.

Color of the emerald gemstone

The deep and juicy shade of its green color cannot be compared with anything, it is called “emerald green” (and not only when applied to minerals). The color of the emerald is due to the presence of chromium and sometimes vanadium ions in its composition; it is able to withstand sunlight and heat, changing only at a temperature of 700-800 ° C.

Only the highest quality emeralds are transparent. Most often they are clouded by inclusions of bubbles of liquid or gas, other minerals, as well as healed cracks. Small inclusions are not considered significant defects, indicating the natural origin of the stone (in contrast to synthetic stones and imitations).

Stones of deep green tone are most appreciated; even in the presence of inclusions, they are preferred to pale-colored, albeit almost transparent. The luster of an emerald gemstone is usually glassy. Physical properties vary slightly from field to field. A characteristic feature of the stone is increased fragility; in combination with the fine cracks that are often found in emeralds, it makes this stone very sensitive to pressure and heat. But in relation to acids and other reagents, it is stable.

Places of birth of emerald gemstone

Major deposits: Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Russia (Ural), Australia.

Currently, the largest amount of all emeralds is mined in Colombia. Zambian deposits of emeralds are also quite high: about 20% of the total amount of these minerals is mined here. And in terms of quality, they are much better than Colombian emeralds.

The emerald is on a par with diamond, sapphire and ruby. Therefore, the cost of an emerald gemstone is high. Even the lowest quality cut stones of pale green color with many inclusions cost from $ 40 per carat, cabochons – from $ 13 per carat. Dark green emeralds of good clarity and weighing from 5 carats cost from $ 1000 per carat and above. The most exceptional green beryls can surpass diamonds at their cost.

Emerald. One of the most valuable gemstones..

An example is the magnificent 18K Rockefeller emerald gemstone that was sold for $ 5.5 million in 2017. Two years earlier, the unique Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green watch was released, literally woven from 245 Gemfields emeralds with a total weight of almost 32 carats. Their cost was approximately $ 2.3 million.

Did you know that …

  • Bright transparent emeralds weighing more than 5 carats are often more expensive than diamonds.
  • The word “emerald” literally means “green gem”. And in ancient times in Greece and Rome, emeralds were called “stones of green radiance.”⠀
  • It is believed that if you look at the emerald in the morning, then the day will certainly turn out to be successful.
  • It is also one of the most durable gemstones

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