Earrings as a type of jewellery

Earrings as a type of jewellery

Seven thousand years ago in Asia, jewellery in the form of earrings was worn only by men. Such decorations indicated their profession and social status. During the Renaissance, kings also wore earrings. The most original jewellery was made for them – earrings not only from precious metals, but also from a tortoise shell and Ivory.

Earrings are an amazing piece of jewellery that can accentuate a woman’s features or highlight her adorable outfit. Choosing earrings is not easy given the wide range of different types of these jewellery. For different styles and looks, jewelers create earrings with and without stones, hoop earrings, studs, earrings with pendants, ear cuffs and clips.

Some Tips for Wearing Earring Jewellery

Any earrings should be in harmony with the image of their owner. The shape of the face, skin type, hairstyle and temperament of a woman will tell you how to choose these products correctly. For example, for women with a round face, it is better to give preference to drop earrings. It is not recommended to wear bright and massive earrings for women with pale and light skin color. Graceful pearl and silver jewellery in the ears is best suited in this case.

Traditional style earrings are made of silver and gold, inlaid with precious stones. Their form is simple and elegant. The reformed style of the products allows the use of letters and hearts in the design of earrings. The modern style of earrings is the most striking. These earrings are full of colors and a variety of shapes.

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