Do I need to take off rings at night?

Do I need to take off rings at night?

To be rings on your fingers in bed or not to be?

Mankind does not have a single answer to this question – people continue to argue about the need to take off jewellery during sleep. Having studied this topic from different angles, we share with you the information we collect. Perhaps this article will help you decide whether to take off your rings at night or not.

Taking off rings at night or not

Arguments for it

  • jewellery for the night is better to take off, because during sleep it is easy to damage them which would need repair and setting service after. How many torn bracelets and chains, how many rings with dropped stones fell victim to wearing around the clock! And among the blankets and pillows, earrings are easily lost – sometimes even long-term searches do not give any result, the earring can roll into the far corner under the bed or fall into the crevice of the sofa.
  • If the alloy contains a cheap ligature (for example, nickel), then when wearing jewellery without interruption, irritation, peeling, itching may appear on the skin. You need to give your skin a break from jewellery, and the night time is ideal for this.
  • If you sleep with your rings on, you can catch them on something during sleep and get injured. Seriously, such cases are known – jewellery (usually products with large stones or complex designs) cling to the bed or get tangled in bed linen, they can be touched by a sleeping person nearby, the decoration can be mistaken for a toy by a pet. Moreover, they cling in a dream not only with rings with large inserts, but also with earrings, bracelets, pendants.
  • During sleep, the rings can press on the skin and blood vessels, which impairs blood circulation. Close rings should be removed at night, just like phalanx rings. There were cases when the finger swelled a lot during the night, and the ring sank into it so much that one had to seek help from the emergency room. In the most difficult cases, even a finger amputation is possible.

All pregnant women, without exception, should take off their rings at night. During gestation, swelling in a pregnant woman can appear often and suddenly – literally overnight, fingers can swell beyond recognition. The ring will press hard, blood circulation will deteriorate, and your finger may be injured.

Arguments against it

  • If the ring does not interfere with everyday life and is not felt on the finger, then it will not interfere with sleep. For example, smooth wedding rings and jewellery without inserts are unlikely to catch on something, so they do not need to be removed.
  • You don’t want to part with rings, which are especially dear to your heart, even for a minute – these include engagement rings, engagement jewellery, commemorative rings, talisman rings. If it is morally difficult for a person to take them off, he experiences mental discomfort about this – it is better to sleep peacefully in rings than to suffer from insomnia without them.

Should I take off the engagement ring for the night?

There is a special attitude towards engagement and wedding rings – the spouses try not to part with them ever. Engagement rings are often worn, without taking off, all their lives – only if the ring becomes small or large, it is temporarily entrusted to the jeweler for resizing. Let’s see what the experts think about this.

  • Doctors say that it is possible and necessary to take off wedding rings at night – even if it does not fit tightly to the finger, it can still disrupt normal blood flow. Nothing will happen in one or two nights, but over months and years it can lead to problems with the wrist joints and other diseases due to impaired blood microcirculation.
  • Esotericists and simply superstitious people believe that wedding rings are not just jewellery, but family amulets. It is impossible to part with them, so as not to weaken the connection between the spouses. Rings-amulets protect the family union from adversity, save the husband and wife from temptations, concentrate the family energy. If you take off such a ring at night, then during sleep a person will be left without his protection.

We advise you to listen to yourself – think about how comfortable you are with rings on your fingers during sleep, whether they interfere or not. If in doubt, conduct an experiment – remove the rings for a couple of evenings, leaving them overnight on the bedside table. Analyze what has changed. Perhaps, without the rings, you began to sleep better and get enough sleep, or, conversely, began to sleep worse because of anxiety about the removed rings? Only you can make the decision!

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