Different colors of metal and precious stones: How to combine?

Different colors of metal and precious stones: How to combine?

Colors of metal and precious stones is something that matters. Even in ancient times, it was proved that each stone and metal has an individual influence on the mood and well-being of a person, and also attracts certain situations and people into his life. There is also a theory that rocks and metals are associated with the planets of the solar system and are responsible for certain qualities of character.

Experts warn that it can be dangerous to combine colors of metal and precious stones of warring elements. For centuries, connoisseurs have been collecting information about their interaction. Many statements have been proven, others only remain interesting speculations.

Different colors of metal and precious stones: How to combine?

Influence of planets on precious stones and metals

The almighty sun patronizes stones and metals of golden hues. These include amber, diamond, colored ruby. Metals – gold and brass.

All stones with silvery, soft shades obey the moon – pearls, moonstone, opal, beryl, rock crystal. If the stone has a light or bluish color, it shimmers or differs in sparkling transparency, it can be safely attributed to Selene. The metal traditionally symbolizing the moon is silver.

Loving and passionate Venus favors precious stones with green shades. Its faithful guides in the world of stones are malachite, amazonite, emerald, sapphire, green pearls, as well as amazonite and belomorite. In the environment of metals, Venus is associated with copper.

Mystical Saturn favors all dark stones. Agate, morion and onyx are affected by it. The metal of Saturn is lead.

Different colors of metal and precious stones: How to combine?

How do gems fit together?

Both stone experts and image makers unanimously assert: it is better to wear stones alone. In this case, you will definitely not be trapped by the colors of metal and precious stones. A large number of different gemstones may indicate a lack of taste, and it is not always possible to find a balance. But what if the desire persists? In this case, you need to follow some simple rules. They will allow you to look irresistible and still remain within the bounds of decency.

There can be several rings on one finger, but the stone must be the same in all.

Transparent, black and white stones are versatile, they easily adapt to any other.

Green stones can be combined with any others. The only exception is no rubies.

It is also advisable to avoid complex combinations of black-purple-blue and orange-purple-blue.

Different colors of metal and precious stones: How to combine?

Colors of metal and precious stones: looking for the perfect combination

In order to shine, an actor needs an audience, a star needs a firmament, and a stone needs a frame. The right combination of gemstone and metal makes a piece of jewelry delightful and desirable.

Experts recommend, first of all, to look at how friendly the elements of metal and stone are, how they relate to each other, and also how friendly to the zodiac sign of the future or present owner.

Most often, silver or gold is chosen as the metal for the frame. The most common combination for gold is diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, red and green amber, carbuncle and heliotrope. It is undesirable to use too dark (for example, agate) or opaque stones with gold.

Silver favorably emphasizes the beauty of pearls, rock crystal, most transparent and dark stones. The power and attractiveness of such precious stones as diamond, turquoise, ruby ​​is absolutely lost with it, it is also undesirable to wear it with beryl, obsidian, sardonyx. It should be remembered that any stone that obeys the elements of the Sun will come into conflict with silver.

Finally, it will be useful to recall that many consider precious stones to be something like petrified souls. They also need rest and special care from time to time. A loving owner must definitely take care of jewelry dear to his heart, clean them, and leave them in the light. In response, they will faithfully serve him, striking those around them with their beauty and grace.

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