Diamond cut. Which shape to choose for the ring?

Diamond cut. Which shape to choose for the ring?

Diamond cutting is the process of grinding a stone and shaping a gem into various shapes. The applied planes are usually called faces or facets. The processing of a diamond not only reveals its merits, but also hides its natural imperfections.

Round is the most popular form of diamond for a ring. Other things being equal, it gives the stone the brightest shine. Thanks to this property, you can choose lower grades of color, since the yellowness will not be visible. Color levels above G will no longer play a decisive role. Suitable for girls with a narrow face.

The oval cut visually lengthens the decoration.

There are several varieties:
“Marquise” is an oval with pointed narrow ends. A stone with such a cut seems to be visually larger. It is important that the framing of the ring protects the sharp ends that are vulnerable to chipping.

“Drop” is a shape with an oval outline and one pointed end. Diamonds of this cut adorn various pendants, necklaces and earrings, rings are much less common. It is believed that the shape is impractical and not suitable for every hand. The heart is a romantic alternative to classic round or oval cuts.

Diamond cut. Which shape to choose for the ring?

Rectangular cut. Distinguish forms:

“Baguette” is a stepped cut with a rectangular outline. The length-to-width ratio of stones varies. The “baguette” has obviously fewer edges than most types of processing. Therefore, the form is used for small diamonds, which are used as a placer on jewelry.

Princess cut. If you are looking for a stone with a bright shine, but round or oval shapes are not suitable, then the princess is a good choice. When choosing a diamond with this cut, you need to choose a color higher than G and clarity of VS1, VS2 or SI1 grades. These diamonds are most commonly used in engagement rings today. However, the “princess” looks very beautiful in earrings, brooches, necklaces.

An emerald cut is fine if you want a rectangular stone that is less shiny than a princess.
Usher is a square emerald cut.

The cushion cut has a rectangular outline with rounded corners. The length and width of the stone are almost equal. Suitable more for girls with thin hands.

The radiant is similar to the emerald cut, but shines better than the emerald cut.

Diamond cut. Which shape to choose for the ring?

Trillian cut, also called triangle cut. More often than not, the three sides of a stone are equal. Such a diamond can have pointed or rounded ends. As with the cutting of a marquis, the bezel of the ring must protect the sharp ends, as they are vulnerable to chipping.

What kind of stone do you choose?

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