Comfortable earrings for every day

Universal earrings for every day

Earrings are one of the most popular types of jewellery for every day use. Gold and silver earrings gracefully complete the feminine look and often become an integral part of it. But in order to wear your favorite pair was easy and pleasant, good earrings should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. And this directly depends on the model and fastener of the jewellery.

English lock earrings

Earrings with an English lock are the most widespread and demanded type of jewellery. If such a clasp is in good working order, it is almost impossible to lose the jewellery. Due to the high degree of reliability, an English lock is usually placed on products with precious and semi-precious stones. It is best to try on earrings with an English lock before purchasing to make sure that the earlobe hole is the right size for you.

Stud earrings for every day

Studs are of two types: pin and screw. In the first case, the pin enters a special clip and is fixed, emitting a characteristic click, in the second, it is screwed onto the thread. Stud earrings are practically weightless and go well with any style of clothing, so they are perfect for everyday wear.

English lock earrings

Earrings with English locks are weightless and comfortable. They are easily threaded into the ears and just as easily fastened, so the English lock is most often used in children’s jewellery. English lock earrings are ideal for newly pierced ears and as a replacement for pistol studs.

Hoop (rings) earrings for every day

The most ancient form of earrings is rings – hoop. Today earrings in the form of hoop come in different diameters – small and inconspicuous (about 2 cm) and large and expressive (10 cm and more in diameter). Modern Congos can be supplemented with various decorative elements (balls, butterflies, pendants, etc.). Hoop earrings with a diamond facet and a path of stones look beautiful and unusual.

Hoop (rings) earrings

Pendant earrings

Pendant earrings are a very feminine and graceful look for earrings. Unlike conventional models with pendants, the thongs are almost imperceptible when worn. Such refined earrings look extremely elegant and expressive. And thanks to the dynamic pendant chains, the jewellery looks extremely delicate and immediately attracts attention.

Many people think that pendant earrings are an option only for special occasions, but this is not the case. Modern jewelers have learned to create long earrings with a very light hanging decorative part, which makes it possible to wear this type of earrings even for a very long time. When buying large jewellery, pay attention to the weight of the product: the smaller it is, the more comfortable your earrings with pendants will be.
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